MCT CBD Oil : Benefits, Uses and Where To Buy Online

Why MCT CBD Oil Is Better.

Here at Dreamland Organics, we are passionate about CBD and craft hemp flowers. However, today we’ve decided to go against the grain a little bit and talk about CBD that you don’t smoke: MCT CBD oil

In one of our recent blog posts, we talked about the uses and benefits of CBD salve. ln particular, one of the primary benefits is that the user doesn’t have to inhale smoke to get the medicinal benefits of CBD. MCT oil with CBD offers that same advantage.

Although—unlike with CBD salves—MCT CBD oil doesn’t just offer the topical and physical benefits of CBD, but also the mental and mood-lifting benefits as well.

In this blog post, we at DLO are going to explain what MCT CBD oil is as well as its potential benefits and advantages over traditional craft hemp flower plants. Equally importantly, we’re also going to share our advice on how to find quality oils and where to buy them online.

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is just that: oil made up of MCT, or, in science-talk, medium-chain triglycerides 

What are those? Well, they’re types of fat. Specifically omega-3 fatty acids. 

In western societies, many people have created a sort of stigma around fat. There’s some good reasoning behind this, though, since modern diets are particularly high in saturated fats (AKA the fats found in food-based products as well as eggs, cheese, cake, lard, etc). 

These diets that are high in saturated fats are incredibly unhealthy, and they’re one of the biggest contributors to conditions such as heart disease. 

Omega-3 fats (like MCT), on the other hand, are often found in fish, nuts, natural oils, and vegetables. Many people—especially in the US—don’t eat very much fish, nuts, or vegetables in their meals. As a consequence, most diets are deficient in omega-3 fats. 

That isn’t to say that other types of fats are unhealthier than omega-3 fats, though. In fact, most types of fats are vital for dietary health. But the problem is that many people in the western world tend to eat too much saturated, trans, and omega-6 fats and not enough omega-3 fats. So the balance of these fats in our diets is completely off. 

Look at your personal diet. When was the last time you ate fish, nuts, or vegetables? Compare this to the last time you ate red meat or “junk food.” If you’re an average person, then chances are you don’t get enough omega-3 fats in your diet. 

MCT oil serves as a natural supplement for omega-3 fats. Dietitians often advise taking MCT oils if you struggle to get the naturally-occurring omega-3 fats in your regular diet. They’re typically organic and naturally made, usually derived from coconut oils or palm oils.

MCT oils are especially good for things such as: 

  • Promoting heart health

  • Decreasing inflammation 

  • Promoting intestine health

  • Increasing healthy fat and nutrient intake

Additionally, since MCT is absorbed by the bloodstream quickly, it’s fast-active and can even increase energy (mental and physical). As such, MCT oils can be a great pre-workout supplement. They’re also a good supplement for the elderly, or for those who struggle with lethargy. 

This energy-boosting effect is what makes MCT oil with CBD so unique.

Benefits Of MCT Oil With CBD

Since MCT oil by itself has so many incredible benefits, just imagine the benefits of MCT oil with CBD. Not only does CBD and MCT oil complement each other in terms of benefits and effects, but MCT oil with CBD also offers some unique advantages over traditional CBD flowers.

If you’ve found this blog post, then there is a good chance that you already know what CBD is. But, for the newcomers, let’s reiterate just how good CBD really is. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the major cannabinoids within craft hemp flowers. However, unlike the other major cannabinoid (THC), this one doesn’t get you high or cause feelings of intoxication. What it does do, though, is offer feelings of general relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, and a variety of other medicinal benefits. 

MCT oil with CBD combines the health benefits of both CBD and MCT. It also promotes nutritious fat intake as mentioned earlier, creating an “upward spiral” of positive health benefits. This is why we believe that MCT CBD oil is the best way (other than traditional hemp smoking) to ingest CBD—as opposed to regular CBD oils or tinctures.

Since MCT oils are good for boosting energy, this can also help counteract the sleepy or drowsiness side effects that can occur from potent CBD. They’re particularly useful for those who want to utilize CBD during the daytime, especially for anxiety purposes. 

Another main benefit is its quick kick-in time. Whereas other forms of CBD extracts can take 15 minutes to an hour or more to take effect, MCT CBD oil kicks in almost immediately. This is because the oils which the MCT fats and CBD are infused in are absorbed directly by the blood stream. Though, this can also vary depending on how you choose to ingest the oil.

However, it should be noted that the effects of MCT CBD oil can vary. Since it’s created primarily with actual CBD flowers (instead of purely CBD extracts), a lot of this variation depends on the strain of CBD flower used. Terpenes and other minor cannabinoids also play a role in which effects are used; later in this post we’ll share a few different types of oils that emphasize specific effects.

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Advantages Of MCT CBD Oil Over Traditional Craft Hemp Flowers

Although we love CBD in all forms, MCT oil with CBD is one of our personal favorites—partly due to the convenience that CBD in oil form offers.

Other than the aforementioned health benefits of MCT and CBD, there are also a few main advantages that MCT CBD oil offers as opposed to traditional CBD flowers. 

The main four are: 

  1. No Smoking Required

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of MCT CBD oil over CBD flowers, but this is also the biggest advantage for many CBD enthusiasts. 

Although, with so many tasty terpenes in each CBD flower strain you may also ask: why on earth would anyone not want to smoke their CBD?

Well, there could be a few reasons, such as: 

  • Sensitivity to smoke

  • Asthma and lung-related conditions

  • State legislation surrounding craft hemp flower

  • Not liking the smell or taste

Although we at DLO love smoking craft hemp flowers, we understand that this isn’t a viable method of CBD ingestion for everyone. 

Thankfully, MCT CBD oils offer a safe and organic alternative.

  1. Convenience of Use

Unlike traditional CBD flowers, MCT CBD oil excels in its ease of useability. 

Instead of carrying around a lighter, pipe, and bag of flowers on your person all day, you only need to carry a small 500mg bottle—dropper included. 

This is also ultra convenient for those who have a busy day outside their home. Not only is there less weight to lug around with you, but there’s no need for “smoke breaks” while you’re busy doing something else. Instead of spending 5 or so minutes smoking hemp, just a quick drop of oil under your tongue or in your drink and you’re all set.

  1. Discreetness

Unfortunately—even though CBD flower doesn’t make you high—craft hemp flowers look almost identical to regular cannabis. As such, it might not always be a good look to smoke them while at work or in certain public settings. 

This is especially advantageous for those living in states where craft hemp flowers are in a “legally gray” area (such as places where CBD flowers are legal but marijuana plants are not). So by using MCT oil with CBD, you can potentially avoid an unneeded conversation with a police officer. 

MCT CBD oils only require a quick drop or two under the tongue, which can be done discreetly. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of unflavored oil to a beverage and consume it that way.

  1. Versatility

As mentioned above, MCT CBD oil can be ingested in a number of different ways. These include swallowing directly, mixing with beverages, or by including in food recipes. 

This variety is partly what makes these oils so fun; there’s a lot of experimenting you can do. Want more of an energy boost with your CBD? Mix the oil in your coffee or caffeinated tea. Just want to get the CBD into your system hassle-free? Put a drop under your tongue. 

Additionally—with the holidays just around the corner—MCT CBD oil can be added into butter or cooking oil to dissolve easily and be used in baking. You can make some tasty CBD Christmas treats for yourself, friends, and loved ones with just a little bit of this oil.

Where To Find The Best MCT Oil With CBD Online

Unfortunately—just like with traditional CBD flowers—not all MCT CBD oils are created equal. 

With everything being sold online nowadays, it’s easy for less-than-reputable companies to sell low quality, mass produced, and non-organic oils. 

Many of the MCT CBD oils sold online are just repurposed MCT oil with CBD isolates; these isolates don’t contain any of the terpenes or minor cannabinoids which gives CBD its unique potency. And, in the worst case scenario, some companies may also add cheap chemical additives in order to substitute for the lack of terpenes. 

So what’s the solution? Simple. Craft CBD MCT Oil by Dreamland Organics. 

This oil checks all the boxes for quality MCT CBD oil. It’s made by infusing only organically grown craft hemp flowers. These flowers are grown outside in direct sunlight, using no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. 

They’re also full-spectrum. This means that the oils contain all of the same terpenes and cannabinoids as our regular flowers, in turn creating more potency. 

Each oil is created using different carefully selected strains and terpenes. As a result, each one emphasizes certain effects over the others. 

  • Unflavored CBD MCT Oil: Perfect for “all-purpose” use. It can be used during the day or during the night to deliver both the benefits of CBD and MCT. It’s a general relaxer, but isn’t overtly strong, and can be added to caffeinated drinks during the day. This is also the best oil for baking, since it doesn’t have any distinguishing or distracting flavor. 

  • Orange Ginger CBD MCT Oil: Best for its mood-improving and energizing products. The terpenes in this oil mix elegantly with MCT to keep you energetic yet calm throughout the day. As such, it’s best recommended for daytime use.

  • Mint Chamomile CBD MCT Oil: Great for nighttime use. The terpenes here emphasize relaxation above all else. Additionally, the mint and chamomile mix together to make for a great sleeping aid. This oil is best recommended for those who want to chill and relax in the evening.

To read more about the benefits of organic CBD flowers (and by inclusion, oils), see our blog post: Organic CBD Nugs : Is It Worth Buying Organic?

Final Thoughts On CBD MCT Oil

For those who want quick-acting, potent benefits of CBD without having to smoke anything—and while promoting nutritional health—then looking no further to MCT CBD oils. MCT oil with CBD offers a great alternative to those who are “smoke adverse.”

Here at DLO, we are committed to selling only the healthiest and most organic CBD flowers and related products at an affordable price. If MCT CBD oils aren’t for you, then browse our shop or try a CBD bundle deal for a little taste of everything. 

Stay blessed.


What’s The Difference Between MCT CBD Oil And Regular CBD Oil?

“Regular” CBD oil is a bit of a general term for any sort of oil which contains CBD. 

Most online companies tend to market CBD isolates as CBD oil. However, they’re not the same thing. As mentioned earlier, isolates don’t contain the terpenes and cannabinoids which result in a quality product. This is why full-spectrum oils are important, as they contain the elements which give CBD flowers and oils their potency and unique effects.

Comparatively, MCT CBD oil is simply just MCT oil with CBD infused in it. This one of the many full-spectrum oils on the market, though it also helps supplement the vital omega-3 fats which a lot of modern diets are deficient in. 

What’s The Difference Between Oils And CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is similar to CBD oil. However, instead of using a carrier oil (like MCT), CBD tinctures are made using high proof alcohol as a solvent. 

As a result, CBD tinctures are often very bitter in taste. Some companies, though, will use artificial sweeteners to mask the bitterness. 

To skip the bitterness of a CBD tincture as well as the artificial sweeteners, always stick to an organic CBD oil such as the ones sold on our site.

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