Top Shelf Hemp: Guide To Buying The Best Hemp Flower Online

Looking To Buy Top Shelf Hemp Online? Who Has The Best Hemp Flower?

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Want to top shelf hemp online? This can be trickier than it seems if one does not know exactly what to look for. This is especially true considering the fact that some hemp flower sellers may mislabel industrial hemp as craft.

We at Dreamland Organics craft hemp flower farm want you to make an informed decision when purchasing premium hemp flower online.  We'll cover everything you need to know if you're looking to buy smokable hemp from a hemp farm. Let's go over a few tips to make you an artisan hemp connoisseur in no time!

What Is Top Shelf Hemp?

We understand that you may be new to the whole "hemp flower and CBD" world, as it is a new emerging market. Maybe you are suffering from anxiety, stress, pain, or insomnia. Whatever brings you to the world of hemp buds, we want to help you make informed decisions.

With so many CBD flower companies to choose from, how do you make the right choice? We will try to shed some light on what artisan hemp flower is and why our hemp nugs would be the obvious choice for a discerning hemp smoker.


Our premium hemp flower is grown with over 20 years of cannabis experience on a nature reserve, at 1,000 foot elevation, in Central Oregon. The natural ecosystem creates an ideal environment for growing high grade, sun grown hemp flower.

We feed our hemp plants organic compost tea and water with artisan well water from our property. All of our small batch low THC CBD hemp flower is hand trimmed, organic, glass jar cured and cool room stored, to produce a uniquely smooth smokable hemp experience. Those are just a few of the reasons why Dreamland Organics is considered one of the best hemp flower farms in the world!


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First of all, if you are interested in a great tasting hemp flowers that are healthy to consume, you want to go 100% organic. At Dreamland Organics, we put "organics" in our name for a reason. We are serious about growing 100% organic premium hemp flower. We don't use any synthetic pesticides or herbicides to produce our clean green hemp flower.

Hemp flower benefits the user only if it is 100% organic. Otherwise, you have to consider that synthetic nutrients and fertilizers may actually do more harm to you, than the CBD does good.


Next, you will want to consider the size of the farm you are buying from. Plainly put, the larger the farm, the less overall care the plants receive in most cases. A small craft farm is usually an acre or less, which could be up to 2,000 plants. Anything over that and you would need a tremendous amount of labor to check each plant daily, even for one minute per plant (there are only 1440 minutes/day).

Many farms of dozens - or even hundreds - of acres claim to have premium craft hemp flower, but this is simply not true. Aside from the lack of care during the grow season, drying hundreds of thousands of hemp plants at once creates issues for proper drying. To prevent or stop mold, many large industrial farms speed dry their hemp plants in a kiln. But this destroys terpenes, producing a flavorless smoke.

What's even worse that that? Some hemp flower farms instead leave their plants to dry on the ground outside, after being chopped down. At Dreamland Organics, we hang dry our premium hemp flower and glass jar cure it for a minimum of 45 days, after hand trimming.


One simple way to get a sense of the hemp flower company you are buying from is to read their reviews. This will give you a feel of their product and whether they sell truly premium hemp flower. A search of "Dreamland Organics" on Youtube, will produce dozens of non biased reviews. You can see for yourself how the public has responded to our terpene rich hemp flower. We have 5 star ratings on both Google and Trust Pilot, not an easy feat.

Whether you choose us or not, you should do your homework and find out who is behind the hemp flower you're buying, Know what people are saying about the brand. Do your due diligence, it pays off in the end. Just a note, we DO NOT spray our hemp buds with delta 8 or terpenes like some these new hemp brands. We don't need to. We have enough terpenes to make your neighbors call the cops and with the effects you get from our flower, you won't care.


Obviously with regards to legal hemp flower, there should be a COA (Certificate of Analysis) for the product posted online. There should also be a notice to law enforcement, stating the legality of the hemp flower, included with online orders. This is to prevent hemp from being mistaken for high delta 9 THC cannabis. Dreamland Organics hemp flower is shipped in discreet, smell proof packaging, with labels and paperwork included, to ensure a safe, timely delivery.


Beware, pretty packages and glass jars don't always equal quality hemp nugs. As stated before, low quality industrial hemp flower can look quite good and covered in trichome crystals. But the look of the hemp bud is pointless, if it doesn't smoke clean and smooth. You can't visually see if the bud has terpenes and a clean, smooth smoke. The proof is in the puff! Be sure to note the white ash left behind after smoking DLO hemp buds, as that indicates there are no residual nutrient build up or salts.


There is a wide price range for hemp flower, however premium hemp flower usually sells for between $25-$40 per eighth ounce, depending on quality and overhead of the brand. Some hemp flower companies sell hemp nugs labeled as craft, when they are simply the trimmed tops of hemp plants from industrial hemp farms. At DLO you get the best hemp flower possible at a more than fair price. Compare us with brands like Secret Nature CBD and you will save a bundle and get better smokable hemp. 

Many online hemp flower farms are not farms at all. They buy cheap, untrimmed industrial hemp flower. Then they simply trim this lower grade of hemp flower, making it appear like premium hemp flower. The problem is, even though the buds may look big and beautiful, they are usually not terpene rich and most likely not organic.

In the end, you get what you pay for. The best deal price-wise is not always the best value. Cheap hemp flower usually tastes harsh and may be doing you more harm than good in the long run, especially if it is not organic. If you are looking to save a few bucks, many CBD companies offer a discount for your first order and there are also many third party coupon sites where can find Dreamland Organics Coupons.


An obvious indicator, though not the final test, is the smell test. How does the hemp flower smell? Are you getting a strong smell of terpenes (scented plant oils)? Or does the hemp flower smell green and grassy, or old and moldy? With properly dried hemp, a good cure produces a terpene rich bud, however smell will not be the only indicator of premium hemp buds.


How do the hemp buds look? Are they airy and roughly trimmed? Or are they dense, covered in trichomes (CBD Crystals) and neatly trimmed? The color can range from light green to purplish or even to light brown/copper. However dark brown hemp buds could indicate an improperly dried flower.

The sight test is not by any means an end all be all. Some buds look very average but will smoke like a champ! You have to smoke it to feel the effects and taste the terpenes.


Finally, the most important test for judging premium hemp flower would be the smoke test! Obviously, the last three tests require purchasing a small amount of flower to sample. However this is what must be done to find a CBD flower company that works for you.

We suggest you try a few companies, to get a feel for what is available in the craft hemp flower market. In the end, you want a smooth, organic smoke, immediate effects and good customer service. At Dreamland Organics we offer you what you want as a premium hemp flower smoker, because we are hemp flower smokers too! Here's to tasty, organic, smooth burning relaxation and CBD Hemp Flower relief!


  • Buy Only Organic Hemp Flower
  • Buy Direct From Craft Hemp Flower Farms
  • Sample A Few Different Hemp Flower Companies
  • Perform The Sight, Smell And Smoke Test
  • Enjoy The Hemp Flower Benefits!

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