The Top 5 Reasons People Buy Exotic Hemp Flowers

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exotic hemp flower

Exotic hemp flower is a “farmers cut” above your average industrial hemp flowers, pun intended. They contain all the same nutrients found in other types of hemp products, but they're also rich in CBD (cannabidiol), which has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. While many people are familiar with industrial hemp flower as it is sold in CBD shops, online and even in gas stations. Sometimes referred to as “Dad Grass”, these low grade hemp flowers come with sugar leaves still intact and were likely grown using regular industrial farming techniques.

Craft quality exotic hemp flower is on the other hand are a few steps above standard hemp buds. Premium hemp flowers are grown in small batches, usually organically and hand trimmed. All of the extra effort produces a far superior end product and will cost a bit more. The good news is, you need to use less flower to get the benefits of CBD, as there is less extraneous leaf material and more smokable hemp buds.

In addition premium hemp flowers will have more terpenes and produce the entourage effect and generally be more potent. When we say potent, we don’t just mean the CBD percentage, we are also talking about the other minor cannabinoids like CBG and terpenes (plant oils).

What Does Exotic Hemp Flower Look Like?

At this point craft hemp flower is indistinguishable from craft cannabis. The reason for this todays top shelf hemp buds are actually low THC cannabis strains, not the pole straight industrial hemp bud of yesteryear. Expect to see lots of trichomes, exotic looking hemp nugs with various bud structures and colors, just like high end cannabis. The only difference will be in THC content, not looks.

Please be aware that many online hemp flower vendors claim to sell premium hemp flowers, while they are merely repackaged industrial hemp flowers. At Dreamland Organics we grow all of the hemp buds we sell in small batches and hand trim them and glass jar cure them. Rest assured our hemp nugs are actual premium hemp flowers.

So with all that said, let’s take a look at why people choose premium hemp buds over regular industrial hemp. Just like with craft beer or wine, true connoisseurs want the best of the best and will not settle for low quality. 

1. Exotic Hemp Flower Tastes Better and Have More Terpenes.

Exotic hemp flower is often preferred over regular hemp flowers because they taste better and have more terpenes. Industrial hemp is often grown with synthetic nutrients or no nutrients at all, dried on the ground or in barns or kilns and not properly cured. All of these factors lead to a flavorless, harsh tasting hemp bud.

Premium bud will be grown in small batches, usually fed organic nutrients and slow dried. We whole plant hang our hemp plants to slow down the drying process. Slowing down the drying process produces a smoother burning bud. In addition we grow in living soil, so the flavor of our organic buds are far superior. You will notice “white ash” when smoking our hemp nugs which is indicative of an organic bud with no residual chemicals.

2. Exotic Hemp Flower Is Made From Organic Hemp Plants.

Exotic hemp flower is also known as "top shelf buds" or "craft hemp flower." Industrial hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) and has been cultivated since the early 1900s. It's a versatile plant with many uses, including food, clothing, paper, building materials, biofuels, and cosmetics.

Organic hemp plants are healthier for you and have no synthetic pesticides. Who wants to worry about what's in your bud when trying to medicate naturally? As hemp was nationally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, many rushed to start selling CBD products. While many chose to use industrial grade flower to sell or make CBD products with, some chose a higher standard to make craft products.

Organic hemp plants are the creme de la creme of the CBD market and chosen for their quality and health properties.

3. Exotic Hemp Flower Is Free Of Pesticides And Herbicides.

Exotic hemp flower is usually free of pesticides and herbicides and are not genetically modified. Aside from the fact that pesticides and herbicides are not good to inhale in a smokable flower, they also taste horrible. If you have ever had a hemp flower joint and it burned really hot and tasted horrible, you likely had an industrial grade hemp flower full of pesticides, or maybe even mold!

Compare that with the premium hemp buds at Dreamland Organics where we grow in living soil and use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. That is why our organic buds taste better and produce clean white ash.

4. Exotic Hemp Flower Is Free Of Any Additives Or Preservatives.

Exotic hemp flower is also usually free of any additives or preservatives. This means that they are safe for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Whether smoking our craft hemp flowers or using our CBD salve or CBD oil, you won’t have to worry about additives.

Some hemp flower companies actually spray their hemp buds with terpenes or delta 8 distillate. If you grew your hemp plants properly, there should be no need to spray them with terpenes. That would be like spraying beef perfume on a burger (what Burger King actually does)!

Also, if you grew your hemp plants properly you won’t have to add a synthetically derived cannabinoid like delta 8 on them. Delta 8 is produced by chemically altering CBD to produce a slightly psychoactive substance. No thanks.

5. Exotic Hemp Flower Is Made In A Clean Environment.

Exotic hemp flower is usually grown using natural methods that do not harm the environment. These methods include no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Instead, premium hemp flowers are grown organically by farmers who practice sustainable farming techniques.

We don’t even feed our plants nutrients directly, we feed our soil! This grow method is called “living soil”. This occurs naturally in nature when plant matter decomposes and earthworms break down this matter. As a result, the earthworm excrete the organic matter they consume and release a bioavailable source of nutrients that the plant can feed on.

When you use bottled nutrients, even organic ones, you are essentially force feeding your plants. With living soil, our hemp plants uptake nutrients only as they need them.

This method is also better for the environment as everything is composted and goes back into the soil safely with no harm to nature.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a health freak (like us) or just prefer a more flavorful hemp bud (like us), you will want to choose premium hemp flowers. Some try to save money and buy cheap industrial hemp, but in the long run you are shooting yourself in the foot. The truth is you need to smoke more cheap hemp flower, so you are really not saving money. Add in the fact you may be damaging your health and it is a “no brainer”. People who choose premium hemp flowers know something you may not have been aware of. But now that you are informed, I’m sure you will make better choices.

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