The Dangers Of Non Organic Hemp Flower

Organic Hemp Flower - What Is It? 

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Those of you who are familiar with the "DLO" brand, know how serious about organics we are. Shoot, it's in our name! As a company and as individuals, we are committed to eating organic, growing organic and smoking strictly organic. In terms of smokable hemp, this is more than a matter or aesthetics, it's a matter of health. We don't use organic hemp flower as a marketing term, we actually grow organic hemp!


So what does "organic" even mean? Well to get scientific, anything with a carbon atom is organic. Anything that is not carbon based, is synthetic and thus not recognized by the body as something it can use. But what does that even mean? Well let's take food for example. If you eat food which is non organic, your body simply processes it as waste, as it does not recognize it as actual food. That means that anything you eat that is non organic, is basically waste material. You may feel satiated, but you body is going to be deficient in nutrients.

Aside from not being able to process non organic ingredients, these synthetic preservatives, colorings and flavorings may also be damaging your liver and god knows what else. It would be like putting something that is not gasoline in your gasoline engine car. It's not going to run very well, or maybe even at all and damage will incur.


When we get in to smoking something non organic, like hemp nugs, the consequences increase. Non organic hemp flower may be grown with synthetic nutrients, which get in to the plant fibers. These hemp crops may also likely be sprayed with synthetic pesticides, which may be cancerous at best. Add in some combustion and we are talking about serious toxicity for the average hemp bud smoker. Over time, non organic hemp flower could lead to a host of respiratory issues and general bad health. Imagine feeding a baby liquid plastic, instead of breast milk. It's not a nourishing meal to say the least! Or imagine inhaling micro doses of toxins over the course of several years. The cumulative effects are going to out weigh the health benefits of CBD flower.

organic hemp flower


Here is a scary fact that most do not realize. 99% of hemp flower farms are NOT ORGANIC. Simply using some, but not all organic nutrients or pesticides, does not constitute organic hemp flower. We have all seen products which have some organic ingredients, but then also contain synthetic ingredients as well. The non organic ingredients essentially cancel out any good obtained from the organic ones.

We have seen many hemp brands attempt to label their hemp flower organic, but when questioned on the nutrients they used, they were not in fact organic. Many people believe that anything that grows from the ground is "organic", however as we have explained, this is simply not the case. To make matters worse, the CBD you may be taking in tincture or topical form may be tainted with synthetic pesticides, which are completely legal AND COMPLETELY TOXIC!

If the nutrients are not 100% OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed, then you are ingesting toxins, bottom line. If it's not organic, it IS liver toxic, sorry to say, but it's a scientific fact. Your body has to filter out all that unrecognized material and your liver pays the price.

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Here's the good news...Dreamland Organics is, well you guessed it, 100% organic hemp flower. Not 50%, Not 75%, not 99%! Every single nutrient and every pesticide or fungicide we have ever used is 100% organic and will not harm the plants, animals, or humans.

Full disclosure, we rarely use any pesticides or fungicides, but when we do, we use DoctorZymes brand, which is derived from fermented citric acid and OMRI listed. This is stuff is so organic, you can eat it! So not to worry, our  hemp flower and all of our CBD products are synthetics free and so organic you would never have to worry about any caustic side effects.

Who wants to worry about toxins, when you are looking for some CBD relief anyways? There is enough to worry about these days, and your hemp flower does not have to be one. Just be aware, that if you are not smoking DLO hemp buds and using DLO full spectrum CBD extracts, there is a 99% chance you are not doing your body a solid. 

Put some respect on your lungs and try some "ORGANIC AF" Dreamland Organics hemp nugs, or organic full spectrum CBD products, if you have not yet done so. Your future self with thank you kindly. Stay blessed dreamers and "Don't Panic, at DLO, It's Organic!

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