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Introducing Lavender, The Best CBG Flower For Sale

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Let's talk CBG hemp flower. What is CBG flower? Is CBG good for anxiety? What is the best CBG flower?

CBG is one of the 113 cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. The cannabinoid CBG is not psychoactive, much like CBD. As a result, when CBG is the dominant cannabinoid in a cannabis plant, it's considered hemp. CBG hemp flowers tend to contain very little (or even no) THC, even less than CBD flowers.

Because of this, CBG does not get you high. With little or no THC, it just can't. THC, after all, is the part of the marijuana plant that makes you feel stoned - with it absent, there's no high.

Cannabigerol, or CBG for short, is produced when heat is applied to CBGA and actually helps to mitigate the effects of THC when found in high THC strains. It is similar to CBD in that respect, but CBG has a lot of unique properties that separate it from its other relative cannabinoids THC, CBD & CBC.

Without getting too scientific, CBG has an effect on neurons and may affect the way other cannabinoids affect the brain. The acidic form of CBG, CBGA acts almost like stem cells in the body and can become a myriad of different compounds. What that basically means is, CBG is a foundation or gateway for the effects that the other cannabinoids produce. Think of a full back in football. He blocks and opens up pathways for the running back to score.

How Does CBG Flower Make You Feel?

Most people report that CBG makes them feel calm or relaxed. If you smoke our full spectrum hemp, you may even experience the entourage effect. This is when all of the ingredients, cannabinoids, terpenes, etc., all come together for an even stronger sensation. 

CBG doesn't impair your reasoning or make you feel intoxicated like THC can. However, some people do experience a sense of euphoria or excitement. The good news is, even the best CBG flower will not get you high or stoned.

It often coats the user in a sense of calm or relaxation, and can make you sleepy. It's not sedating or overpowering, but CBG can be useful for sleep, especially if you suffer from insomnia. Strains high in CBG are great for this.

What Is CBG Flower Good For?

  • Analgesic ( pain reliever).
  • Antibacterial (slows bacterial growth).
  • Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures & convulsions).
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation).
  • Anti-insomnia (sleep aid).
  • Anti-proliferative (inhibits cancer cell growth).
  • Antidepressant (raises the mood).
  • Bone stimulant (promotes healthy bone growth).
  • Brain cell stimulant (promotes neuron development).
  • Appetite stimulant (increases the appetite).
  • CBG benefits anxiety

The Best CBG Flower For Pain

Many people struggle with chronic pain. It's one of the most common reasons given if you ask people what they're smoking cannabis for - because they hope it can offer some pain relief!

CBG acts as a GABA uptake inhibitor, even more than CBD or THC. This means that it may work as an analgesic - in other words, it's even more effective on chronic pain than other strains of cannabis. It can also be used as a muscle relaxant, and may be the best way to fight inflammation. 

As always, please remember that nothing in our blog is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We are not doctors. If you have a medical condition, please consult an appropriate professional. If you think that smoking CBG may be a useful part of treatment, clear it with your medical team. Our best CBG flower, Lavender CBG has been reported to greatly help those who have tried it as a treatment for pain.

About Our Best CBG Flower For Sale

    With all the tech talk out of the way, let's get to our favorite subject, TERPS! The terpene profile of our Lavender strain has a (surprise!) lavender floral and citrus fruit aroma. It's Sativa structured, light and fluffy, and resembles the "Forbidden Fruit" strain in phenotype. 

    As always, our plants are grown organically for the best quality products - this isn't cheap industrial hemp. We grow stuff you can smoke and enjoy, hemp that "puts some respect on your lungs." The CBG content is 14%.

    A few of our hemp flower fans were nice enough to provide their reviews, so we thought we would share those with you, so you can see if Lavender sounds like it floats your boat.

    The reviews that follow are for our CBG Lavender strain available semi-exclusively here at DLO! (It's a rare CBG strain)

    • "Like a chamomile lavender tea, this CBG cultivar calms tension with a blissful flavor that supplies ample tranquility. The astounding effects render mood disorders barren and make pain and inflammation all but disappear!"
    • "Milky white trichomes coat these green buds thoroughly, packing a cannabinoid and terpene deluge! A delicate lavender flavor makes for an incredible smoking experience that'll have you sleeping peacefully through the night!!"
    • "Earthen tones of lavender and chamomile seduce the senses as serenity embraces your entire being. Lavender CBGs immense effects settle tension, remove uneasiness and supply ample relaxation."
    • "Gorgeous trichome frosted buds quiet stressors with a comforting relaxation you must experience. CBG makes a significant impact on your health and has been shown to be an ideal cannabinoid to treat a multitude of symptoms."

    So don't take our word for it! Of course we love it, but we're not the only ones. Cop a bag of Lavender CBG while supplies last and see what all the fuss is about. We would love to get your angle on it as well, so feel free to reach out!

    Stay blessed!

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