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Organic CBD Nugs : The Best Gifts For Your Valentine

Looking for unique gift ideas for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? If they’re a fellow CBD enthusiast like us, then maybe consider gifting them some aromatic and relaxing CBD nugs along with their chocolates.

CBD gifts like these are especially great for holidays like Valentine’s Day. Not only does CBD contain medicinal properties, but CBD itself is great for relaxing and unwinding while spending time with loved ones. 

Nugs aren’t the only CBD gifts you can give your partner, however; oils, salves, and other types of products also make uniquely affectionate and personal gifts. This also makes CBD a great gift for anniversaries and birthdays, too.

But with so many options, how do you know which one is best for your special person? To make that decision easier, we’ve compiled our list of some of the best CBD gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day. 

What Kind Of CBD Gifts Are Best For Valentine’s Day?


What kind of CBD gift or CBD nug is best for your valentine? Well, that answer may depend on your lover’s personal taste. 

But for the occasion itself, indica CBD nugs are especially great if you and your Valentine want to relax and be (for lack of a better word) sensual together.

Indica CBD nugs are great for sensuality in particular because they’re more likely to give that “body high” as compared to sativa counterparts. This is because indica-structured CBD nugs can relax the body and make physical sensations feel more enjoyable. They’re also great at reducing stress and calming your thoughts—making sure that you and your Valentine only have each other on your minds. 

Additionally, for a more romantic aroma, citrusy and floral-smelling CBD nugs also make for a more amorous night together. Pair this hemp smoke with some flowery scented candles for an even more relaxing and aromatic evening.

Kimbo Kush 

Kimbo Kush high CBD indica strain in orange container with lid on

Our recommendation for a great CBD nug gift: Kimbo Kush by Dreamland Organics.

Kimbo Kush is a great CBD nug for a romantic evening, partially due to the reasons mentioned earlier. As a high CBD indica strain, it’s especially suited for relaxing the body and erasing stress. 

We typically like to give a word of caution with this nug, because at 17% CBD, it has a strong calming effect that may make you sleepy. But on a day like Valentine’s Day, this may be a pro rather than a con. What’s more romantic than lighting up a CBD nug, relaxing, cuddling, and taking a nap with your lover?

Additionally, Kimbo Kush also has a terpene profile that gives it a flavor similar to vanilla coffee. As such, it pairs especially well with chocolate—as well as coffee if you want to keep the party going. It also pairs great with earthy-smelling candles or incense such as pine, mossy woods, leather, sandalwood, etc.  

CBD Salve

Double Infused CBD salve by dreamland organics container

Is your spouse or partner’s love language physical touch? 

If so, then there’s no better gift than the simple affection of a backrub or full-body massage. But for an added spike of relaxation, try taking it up a notch by using some double infused CBD salve.

CBD salves combine the moisturizing effects of coconut oil, safflower oil, and beeswax with the relaxing effects of CBD. The cannabinoid receptors throughout the body absorb the CBD, both hydrating the skin and relaxing body and muscles. Additionally, salves high in CBD can also help target specific pain areas on the body. 

CBD salves come as either unscented or mint-infused. Simply rub some salve in your hands before giving a massage and your valentine will soon feel moisturized, relaxed, and pain-free. 

To read more about the effects and relaxing properties of CBD salves, see our blog post: CBD Salve : Benefits, Uses And advantages


Three bottles of hemp-derived MCT CBD oil by dreamland organics, two unscented and one mint-infused.

Maybe your valentine doesn’t like to inhale smoke or get touchy-feely. In that case, CBD MCT oil is the best next thing.

CBD MCT combines the medicinal properties of both MCT oil and CBD. If you don’t know, MCT oil is made of a healthy type of nutritious fat called medium-chain triglycerides. In short, CBD MCT oil acts as both a nutrition supplement and a CBD oil. 

What makes CBD MCT oil better than regular CBD isolates? For one thing, it’s full spectrum—meaning that it contains all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids as a regular CBD nug, which in turns enhances the relaxing effects. Secondly, because MCT is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, CBD MCT oil also kicks in almost immediately. 

If your valentine isn’t keen on inhaling smoke, then CBD MCT oils make a great alternative to regular CBD nugs. This makes it a great CBD gift for your special someone if they’re interested in using CBD without the THC high and without having to smoke or lather themselves in a salve. 

CBD MCT oil is easy to use; simply put a drop under your tongue or in a beverage and feel the CBD effects kick in quickly. Similar to CBD salve, this oil also comes either unscented or mint-infused. 

If you’re interested in how MCT CBD oil works and its medicinal properties, read our blog post: MCT CBD Oil : Benefits, Uses and Where To Buy Online

CBD Bundle Deals

Five CBD nugs, CBD salve, CBD MCT oil, and kief-infused CBD pre rolls.

Still not sure which CBD gift is best for your valentine? Maybe give them a little taste of everything using a CBD bundle deal.

CBD bundles make a great CBD gift because they offer a variety of CBD nugs and products that your valentine can experiment with. Each CBD bundle offers a mixture of the salves and oils mentioned earlier, as well as a few CBD pre rolls and a sample of our two to five most popular CBD nug strains. 

The CBD nugs contained include: 

  • Eden: Sativa strain with a cheesy, skunky, slightly floral taste at 14% CBD 

  • Dream Fuel: Indica-dominant strain that tastes fruity and gassy at 15% CBD

  • Immortal: Indica-dominant strain that tastes like grape jam; 15% CBD

  • Sheeba: Indica strain reminiscent of a minty, blackberry candy at 11% CBD

  • Kimbo Kush: Indica strain with a gassy, vanilla coffee flavor; highest CBD percentage at 17%

Eden and Dream Fuel are available in the two pack sampler, and all are included in the five pack sampler. The rest of the CBD bundles contain a mixture of salves, oils, and joints that you and your lover can experiment and play around with. 

Alternatively, you buy each CBD nug individually at our shop

Final Thoughts On CBD Gifts

Still unsure what your spouse or lover would prefer? Try the simplest CBD gift possible by giving them a CBD gift card, and let them choose them self.

At Dreamland Organics, we want to wish you and your special someone a Happy Valentine’s Day. For an especially affectionate and sensual day, we recommend giving your valentine an organic and full spectrum CBD gift. 

As we say: what says I love you more than CBD?

Stay blessed.

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