Are Dreamland Organics CBD Nugs Better Than Secret Nature CBD?

Is Secret Nature CBD Really Artisan?

secret nature cbd

So who has the best hemp flower on the market? Dreamland Organics or Secret Nature CBD? We will break down the similarities and differences between both hemp flower brands, so you can make an informed decision when buying your hemp nugs online. No, this in not an expose, or a shade throwing fest at one of our competitors. Quite the opposite in fact. We actually give these guys a lot of credit for choosing to produce a quality hemp flower...but are they better than us? Read on the learn more. We will try to be as objective as possible, as this is to benefit the consumer, not merely promote ourselves.

 There are a lot of hemp flower companies out there at this point and we have done R&D on many of them. To be honest most of the hemp flower on the market is technically trimmed biomass and not premium hemp flower at all. With that said, we have come across some notable hemp buds out there, as we know we are not the only CBD flower brand with quality flower.

Is Secret Nature CBD Really Craft Hemp Flower?

The short answer is yes. They absolutely grow in smaller batches when compared to huge industrial hemp farms, due to the fact they grow indoor CBD buds. We will say they grow in a rather large industrial sized warehouse, but we will still consider them craft hemp flower. They claim to grow in living soil, which is hard to do at scale, as you have to apply compost teas to keep the soil alive indoors. Whether or not this is true, remains to be seen, but we did notice something we will talk about later that leads us to believe their hemp flower may not be actually grown in true living soil.

Is Secret Nature CBD The Best Hemp Flower Company?

Secret Nature CBD does produce a well above average hemp bud, in our research they are far from the best of the best. In the top 10? Maybe. They are likely among the best 20-30 hemp flower brands out there, but there some other factors to consider. The main factor is price. At $40 per eighth and over $200 per ounce, this is not cheap hemp flower. As they state in their FAQs, they have to pay for a lot of infrastructure to produce indoor hemp buds at scale. Their warehouse cost goes in to the price of the bud. Understandable, but when compared with other artisanal hemp brands including ourselves, we feel you can get a better bud at little less than Secret Nature prices. But we are not hating on their prices at all, as we are a high end hemp brand ourselves. We just feel there are better values out there in the craft hemp flower market.

Do Secret Nature CBD Buds Really Look Like That In Person?

secret nature cbd

Not exactly. Look, all of us hemp brands try to take the best possible nug shots to represent our flowers, but Secret Nature does use a skilled professional photographer and those pictures on their site are a little deceptive. Pictured above is an actual picture of their bud minus all the fancy lenses and photoshopping. Not a bad looking hemp bud, but not like their online pictures either.

Does Secret Nature CBD Bud Really Taste Like Their Descriptions?

Once again, not exactly. They definitely have some terps, but such is the case with a lot of indoor bud, theirs burns a bit too hot for our taste. That is why we feel they may not actually be implementing true "living soil" practices as they claim. If you grow living soil, you do not have to flush your plants and they should burn as smooth as a babys' butt, not hot and harsh. Secret Nature has an above average hemp bud, but the taste is nothing to write home about. We are terpene extremists here at DLO and we must keep it a 100 on that one.

Is Secret Nature CBD Legit?

We would not be essentially promoting another hemp flower company unless we were at least slightly impressed. We really appreciate anyone growing craft hemp buds over industrial hemp. We consider them to be friends, not foes and we respect them raising the bar in the craft hemp niche. We recommend you try them out for yourself and you be the judge as to who has the better hemp bud.

Who Is The Best Hemp Flower Company?

Probably not a surprise, but we have to go with us, for 3 reasons. The first, is we feel our bud is a slightly higher quality that Secret Nature flowers for a better price. We will put our sun grown craft hemp flower up against anyone in the world to be frank. The second reason why we think DLO has better bud, is we have had several Secret Nature customers tell us so. We are not the only ones with that sentiment, so we have social proof. We could show you many DMs from people letting us know they in fact prefer our flower over theirs. The third reason why we have to go DLO, is we are 100% sure we are 100% organic and grow strictly in living soil. We are big on organics and we cannot be sure Secret Nature is 100% organic. They also sell delta 8 products which lets us know they either don't know delta 8 is extracted with carcinogenic acids, or they don't care. We can't condone that type of behavior. Sorry, but not sorry.


While Secret Nature CBD absolutely has some premium hemp flower, they are not the leader of the pack in our opinion. Our bud tastes better, smokes better and costs less. Period. With that said, we encourage you to try them out and see if we are biased or really just the "Hemp Flower Kings" as we proclaim. Side note, why do we call ourselves the "Hemp Flower Kings", well we were given that name by someone who tried our flower. It stuck and now we wear the crown with pride. Until next time "Dreamers" stay blessed and special shout out to Secret Nature CBD, keep up the good work brothers!

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