Organic CBD Nugs : Is It Worth Buying Organic?

organic cbd nugs

Organic CBD Nugs, Are They Legit?

As CBD enthusiasts, we at Dreamland Organics have been long-time advocates for organic CBD nugs. It’s even in our name. 

That said, why do we push for organic CBD nugs so hard? Why is it that organic is better? 

Well, today we’ve decided to answer that question. 

To put it simply, organic CBD nugs are just tastier, healthier, and overall better for the environment. 

What Makes A CBD Nug Organic Or Non Organic?

For many of us, we often smoke or vape CBD nugs every day. With so much smoke going into our lungs, it’s understandable to want only the healthiest and most natural CBD flowers. To get that, you have to go organic. Plain and simple.

But what does it actually mean to be an organic CBD nug? 

By definition, something that is organic is a natural product that is produced “without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.” Unfortunately, many CBD nugs and flowers are produced with these chemical agents—especially those sold online. 

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are often cheaper than natural ones. As a result, many companies use them in order to save a few bucks. But cutting corners like this can be dangerous, as trace amounts of these chemicals can make it into your body. In the long run, this can negatively impact health and cause a variety of chronic conditions.

On the other hand, organic CBD nugs are grown using only natural pesticides and fertilizers. These shouldn’t contain any chemicals. Thus, the only thing absorbed by your body after smoking organic CBD nugs is the CBD itself. Well, that and the natural terpenes and minor cannabinoids which produce its flavor and properties.

Organic vs. Non Organic Fertilizers And Pesticides

First, let’s define what pesticides and fertilizers are. In short, pesticides are chemical agents used to kill off bugs or insects which may eat or infect a craft hemp flower plant. Meanwhile, a fertilizer is a substance added to soil to encourage plant growth. 

Although fertilizers are pretty much needed to grow healthy CBD nugs, it’s important to use natural substances only. Manure, for example, is a great organic fertilizer. 

Similarly, pesticides are also necessary in some cases to protect CBD flowers. But while most pesticides are synthetic and chemically engineered, some natural substances like neem oil do exist. There are also a few strategies which can be used as alternatives to pesticides, such as using only the healthiest of soil, companion planting, or by using beneficial insects.

Fun fact: ladybugs are a great natural alternative to pesticides. This is because ladybugs won’t eat craft hemp flower plants—but they will eat the pests that do.

The Dangers Of Chemical Pesticides And Fertilizers

As mentioned above, CBD nugs using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous because trace chemical amounts can get into your body. These chemicals are often toxic and can cause adverse effects and long term health problems. 

Most of the adverse health conditions caused by these chemicals are not immediate. Instead, they occur slowly over time. Although, some immediate effects like headaches, nausea, or dizziness can occur. 

Long term health conditions caused by chemical pesticides and fertilizers include:

  • Brain tumors

  • Immunotoxicity

  • Lung cancer

  • Increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

  • Endocrine disorders

  • Respiratory disorders

These conditions often come as a result of consuming non organic CBD nugs over long spans of time. 

On top of being bad for your body, chemical pesticides and fertilizers are also terrible for the environment. Chemical fertilizers can add acidity to the soil, which destroys organic material within that soil. This can in turn stunt plant growth and infect plants (and by consequence animals) with said chemicals. It can also release greenhouse gasses into the air.

Meanwhile, chemical pesticides can affect the environment by the same means. The toxic chemicals get into the soil, air, and water which in turn kills plants and poisons animals.

So do yourself—and the environment—a favor and use only safe and organic CBD nugs. 

How To Tell If CBD Nugs Are Organic?

Naturally, organic CBD nugs just taste better. They’re also smoother on the throat and lungs. 

A CBD nug laced with chemicals will often taste foul and be harsh when inhaling. As a result, you may find yourself coughing or feeling irritation of the throat. Although for someone new to CBD nugs, it may be difficult to tell the difference between smoking non organic CBD nugs and just having “virgin” lungs. But for experienced CBD nug connoisseurs, the difference is fairly easy to recognize. 

Additionally, any of the immediate effects mentioned earlier can also be a tell-tale sign. Dizziness, nausea, or vomiting may be strong indicators that toxic chemicals are in your CBD nugs. Organic CBD nugs should never make you feel sick or unwell. 

And—since craft hemp flowers contain less than .3% THC—you shouldn’t feel high after smoking a CBD nug. If you do, then chances are the company which you bought your nug from is less than reputable. As such, they may have lied about the THC content or inaccurately measured it. If a company lies about the THC content in their CBD nugs, then chances are they also lied about how they grew them. And if the THC measurement was inaccurate, then it also wouldn’t be surprising to find out that they were cutting corners in their “supposedly organic” CBD nugs.

As a rule of thumb, high-quality CBD companies typically only use organic processes when growing CBD nugs. So better quality CBD nugs usually equate to being more organic.

Where To Find Organic CBD Nugs

Unfortunately, purely organic CBD companies are difficult to find online. 

But the good news? You’ve just found one. 

We at Dreamland Organics are passionate about delivering only the most organic and highest quality CBD nugs. Unlike some companies, we never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical additives. All of our CBD nugs are grown in living soil and natural sunlight, and use only organic processes and fertilizers to grow our plants. 

Not sure which CBD nug to try? Take a look at our nug sampler pack, which includes a small variety of our most popular and potent strains.

Alternatively, read our recent blog post to see which CBD nug is right for you: The 5 Best CBD Nugs You Can Buy Online (And Their Effects) 

Stay Blessed.


Are Organic CBD Nugs More Expensive Than Non Organic?

Typically—because growing CBD nugs organically usually costs more as opposed to artificial growing methods—organic CBD companies often charge more. 

However, that isn’t always the case. At least not with DLO.

Online retail sites such as DLO are able to sell organic CBD nugs at lower costs than in-person dispensaries can. This is because we’re able to cut out the middleman and sell directly to the customer. No distributor needed. 

The result: affordable yet 100% organic CBD nugs.

Doesn’t The Government Already Regulate Dangerous Chemicals In Pesticides?

Unfortunately, no, the federal government doesn’t regulate which pesticides are used in growing CBD nugs. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) usually regulates and approves of chemicals to be used in pesticides. However, no regulations have been made for the chemical agents used when growing craft hemp flowers. This is because of the legal gray area which cannabis (and as a consequence, CBD flowers) have been in. 

As a result, the growing of cannabis plants and CBD flowers has little to no legal regulation when it comes to pesticides and fertilizers. In many cases, CBD companies are also not required to share which chemicals or pesticides they used. Though some states have imposed their own regulations, most non organic CBD companies get around this by growing or processing their CBD flowers elsewhere.

Consequently, this makes the smoking of non organic CBD nugs even more dangerous. Companies can use pesticides that aren’t considered safe by the EPA and lie to the consumer about it.

This ultimately makes it even more important to only smoke organic CBD nugs from reputable companies such as DLO.

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