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All About the Kimbo Kush Strain | Top Shelf Hemp Flower

The same way late MMA fighter and bare-knuckle boxer Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson never lost a boxing match, the similarly-named Kimbo Kush hemp flower strain never fails to pack a tremendous punch.

Kimbo Kush is one of our exclusive top shelf hemp flowers. For those looking to relieve pain, reduce stress, sleep well, or for those who simply want to relax after a long day’s work, this organic CBD nug will definitely help you maximize the benefits of CBD in a powerful way. 

This organic hemp flower strain is more than just CBD; it’s also a great pain reliever, relaxer, and powerful sleeping aid. It is all organic—and just as potent in CBD as it is in quality.

Why Do We Consider Kimbo Kush To Be A Top Shelf Hemp Flower Strain?

We at Dreamland Organics believe Kimbo Kush is top shelf because it’s an organic yet highly potent CBD flower. It’s also 100% DLO exclusive. 

There’s several reasons why we are particularly proud of this craft hemp flower strain: 

  • Originality: Kimbo Kush is one of our exclusive CBD strains, so it isn’t found anywhere else on the market. However, don’t confuse our Kimbo Kush with the hybrid marijuana strain Kimbo Kush; that strain, made by Exotic Genetix, was a hybrid of Blackberry Kush with Starfighter, which resulted in high qualities of THC. In comparison, our CBD nug strain contains no THC (or at least less than the federal limit for legal CBD products at .3%), but high concentrations of CBD.

  • Potency: Speaking of high CBD quantities, Kimbo Kush contains some of the highest at a whopping 17%. Since its an indica dominant hemp flower strain, this combined with its CBD quantities makes it a very potent and effective CBD strain. As such, it’s a great pain reliever that kicks in almost immediately.

  • Organically Grown: Kimbo Kush is also organically grown. Why is this important? Because unlike some hemp flower strains on the market, this CBD flower is grown in living soil and natural sunlight—without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Similarly, no artificial additives are added, either. The result: a wholly organic, great-tasting, natural, and healthy CBD nug.

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Kimbo Kush Terpene Profile

Kimbo Kush has a rich terpene profile, which gives it a unique vanilla coffee-like taste with a gassy overtone. 

Because this CBD nug has notes similar to coffee, this makes it pair great with coffee. In fact, we recommend that you do pair it with coffee if you don’t plan on going to sleep right away. Caffeinated tea also pairs well. 

For taste, wine and cheese can pair well with its funkier side. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to counteract the gassy notes of Kimbo Kush, something sweet like chocolate, fudge, peanut butter, or vanilla ice cream pairs well with the vanilla coffee taste. 

Effects Of Kimbo Kush

As mentioned, Kimbo Kush is indica dominant with a high level of CBD. Together these combine to create a powerful, relaxing effect on the user. This creates the “sleepy feeling” which CBD users love and crave. A few hits of this CBD nug and you can quickly feel the tension in your mind and body “go up in smoke.”

This hemp flower strain is also uniquely effective. Unlike some hemp flower strains which take a while to kick in—and then hit you all at once—the CBD effects of Kimbo Kush hit almost instantly. 

Despite being highly potent, this can help you to moderate the amount of CBD you ingest so that you don’t overdo it if you’re not ready. Also, since it is highly potent, for those who are “lightweights” you can spread your hemp flower out by only using smaller quantities per smoking session.

Although, for lightweights or those new to CBD hemp flowers we recommend trying a less-intense craft hemp flower such as Tropical Dream or Dream Fuel

Alternatively, if you want to experiment with a variety of strains, you can also try our variety sampler pack.

Does Kimbo Kush Relieve Pain? 

Like all craft hemp flower strains, Kimbo Kush is great at relieving pain. But it may be more effective than others when it comes to pain. Since it’s fast-acting, as mentioned above, it kicks in quickly when you really need some relief. Its indica and CBD qualities combine to eradicate your pain in no time.

Some symptoms and conditions that Kimbo Kush can especially help to relieve include:

  • Muscle soreness

  • Tremors

  • Epileptic seizures

  • Chronic pain

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Insomnia

Perhaps the pain Kimbo Kush is most suited for relieving, however, is the pain caused by burning eyes and heavy eyelids. In other words, it’s a great CBD strain for fighting insomnia. 

This is due in part to its heavy relaxation effects and its ability to combat anxiety. Oftentimes when we try to sleep, intrusive thoughts can interfere with our brain when it’s trying to “unwind” and prepare for sleep; CBD, in turn, can help block these intrusive thoughts and prevent you from dwelling on them. And since Kimbo Kush has a high quantity of CBD, along with indica leaning properties, this creates an effective sleeping aid that’s both natural and organic. 

Final Thoughts

For those looking for a powerful buy natural sleeping aid, pain reliever, or simply just another way to relax, our Kimbo Kush strain is a great option. It also offers an alternative to traditional sleep or pain medication. So it excludes the related side effects and possible long-term consequences associated, such as dependency, liver damage, etc. 

On top of this, Kimbo Kush is also grade-A organic: something we at Dreamland Organics will always promote and appreciate. 

Stay blessed.

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