How To Roll The Perfect CBD Pre Roll

CBD Pre Roll "How To"

Rolling your own CBD pre roll can be a task for some, so we thought we would share our three step process to rolling a perfect hemp joint. It's really the second step that makes all the difference and takes your hemp pre roll to the next level. As we will explain, hemp flower is delicious to smoke, if it's properly cured, organic hemp flower. Remember, we said hemp buds, not the stems they are attached to. Unfortunately, cannabis and hemp stems are quite harsh in taste and are best left out of a CBD pre roll. Most smokable hemp consumers don't even realize they are smoking tiny pieces of stems along with their hemp buds, as they often miss them when rolling a hemp joint. Even if you try to pick them all out by hand, you will surely miss a few. That's why we developed a proprietary process to roll our kief infused CBD pre rolls. I'm sure you are wondering how make such smooth tasting hemp joints, so that's why we wrote this blog. Now let's roll!

Things You Will Need

1. Premium Organic Hemp Flower

2. A Grinder

3. A Metal Mesh Screen/Strainer

4. A Pre Roll

5. A Poker Tool/Pen

CBD Pre Roll : STEP 1

After deciding on your hemp strain of choice, you will want to separate as much hemp bud from the mainstem and smaller offshoot stems as well. This can be a bit of a process, but realize most of the cannabinoids are in the terpene rich hemp flower material and not the stem. Take your time and remove all of the bud and discard as much of the stem as possible. Place de-stemmed hemp buds in a grinder and grind until thoroughly ground.

CBD Pre Roll : STEP 2

This is where the magic happens in my opinion and something I never thought of, in my first several years of cannabis and hemp flower smoking. You want to run your ground hemp buds through a fine metal mesh strainer, to separate the hemp flower from any small stem fragments. Empty contents of the grinder into the mesh strainer, placed over a rolling tray.

You will need to agitate the buds for a bit and thoroughly work them through the strainer with your hands, as the mesh is quite fine and will break up the bud to a fine consistency, once pushed through the screen.

You might even have to break a few bud pieces down by hand that the grinder did not catch. What will be left behind will be dozens of stem fragments that were broken up while grinding. These stem pieces would add a good amount of harshness to your hemp pre roll, so the extra step really makes a noticeable difference. Depending on the size of the holes in your screen, some small stem fragments may make there way through the screen, but most of them should end up there, If you notice some stem fragments in the bud material after screening, just pick those out by hand. Trust me, the extra effort goes a long way in ensuring a smooth smoke.

The smoke will be significantly smoother without all the stems. The thing that always amazes me is just how much stem gets caught in the strainer! It's kind of hard to believe I was smoking all of that stem, for all those years. The fine ground, screened hemp flower below, is ideal for a smooth, even burning pre roll.

For Dreamland Organics customers, you will be happy to know there are no stems in your hemp flower pre rolls, as this is the process we use for our "Dreamland Blend".

The strainer you use can vary in size, just make sure to get one which is fine metal mesh. Most dollar stores would have one available. I will admit this can be a bit tricky to find the right sized screen for the job. Some may be too fine, while other may let through too much stem material. You will have to do a bit of searching to find the perfect sized screen which is both not too fine and not too course.

hemp flower CBD pre roll

CBD Pre Roll : STEP 3

Lastly, you want to roll your freshly grinder and screened hemp flower buds into a joint. Whether you use a pre roll machine, or by hand, you are nearly ready to enjoy the perfect hemp flower CBD pre roll.

Make sure not to pack your hemp pre roll too tightly, or you will have a hard time taking a proper toke. The hemp buds need to be packed loosely enough, so that air can flow through the joint. However, they should not be so loosely packed, that there are large gaps of space, causing runs in the pre roll.

hemp flower CBD pre roll

hemp flower CBD pre roll

You now have the perfect hemp flower pre roll with no harshness and maximum flavor! Most CBD pre rolls on the market have stems ground up in the mix and not removed. This produces a stinging harsh taste, that does not make one want to indulge.

We all know that CBD has therapeutic benefits, but why not enjoy your relief? Choose a premium hemp flower CBD pre roll, or make one yourself and put some respect on your lungs!

Benefits Of A CBD Pre Roll

  • Easy to transport
  • They save you time, already rolled
  • No pipe or bong needed
  • Can be easily consumed in public
  • Easy to keep in your purse or car
  • They look like regular cigarettes, discreet

Final Thoughts On CBD Pre Rolls

When you're on the go it can be difficult to find the time and place to roll up a CBD Pre Roll. Making them beforehand makes for an easy impromptu smoke sash, so we recommend rolling them in advance or buy some ready made CBD pre rolls to keep on you when you need some relief. It can be quite frustrating to want to have a quick puff, but you either forgot you hemp buds, or your rolling papers. On top of that, there may not be a good place to roll one up. Prepare for these times in advance and you will thank yourself later!

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