How To Make CBD Bubble Hash

CBD Bubble Hash : A Full Spectrum CBD Extract

What is hemp extract good for? What does hemp extract do for you? We will answer these questions and more are we break down how to make CBD bubble hash.

Looking to make your own CBD bubble hash? This easy guide will show you how! Bubble hash is a full spectrum extract made from hemp flowers or shake. It can be chapped or smoked, or added to edibles for enhanced effects. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make CBD bubble hash using a simple at-home method. Let's get started!

 Cannabis and CBD concentrates have grown in popularity because they are high in trichomes and terpenes. There are several types of concentrates available in todays cannabis market, including CBD Bubble Hash and Ice Hash/ Ice Wax. The term "bubble hash" refers to the resin glands of a cannabis plant being removed with cold water and agitation. Bubble Hash is one of the most frequently used techniques for extracting marijuana because cannabinoids are not water-soluble, so the desired resins aren't damaged by exposure to water or ice.

CBD bubble hash is made by breaking down the trichomes of hemp flowers or shake with cold water and ice. This full spectrum extract contains all of the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The hash can be consumed orally or smoked in a joint or pipe. It can also be used to make edibles or topicals. CBD bubble hash is a great choice for those looking for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Because there are no flammable elements or chemical reactions when creating and consuming Ice Hash, it is extremely simple and safe. Additionally, one of the main reasons people choose this Hash over others is because it has a greater concentration and more effects than most other cannabis concentrates. Since it is a full spectrum extract, all of the cannabinoids are intact, thus creating the "entourage effect" when consumed.

Do you want to learn how to make your own CBD Bubble Hash? The wonderful thing about this concentrate is that it can be produced at home with only a few components. Choose your favorite hemp flower strain and join us in learning how to make CBD Bubble Hash. You can use CBD or CBG trim or shake, or CBF flowers, as long as there are trichomes on the plant material, you are good to go.


When producing Ice Hash, one thing to bear in mind is that the temperature must be as low as possible to maintain the hash's quality and trichomes. Water Hash may be produced from almost any plant material containing trichomes, such as CBD flower trim, sugar leaf, shake, or bud.

You don't want to use the large fan leaves however, as they have little to no resin to extract. You also want to discard any stems that could damage the bubble bags we will be using. At DLO, we make our premium CBD Bubble Hash from our trim and shake, or our premium hemp flowers that do not have the top shelf characteristics like bag appeal or intense terpenes.

Here's What You Will Need To Make CBD Bubble Hash

  • Three 5 gallon buckets
  • A set of Bubble bags (5-9 bags).
  • 25 micron pressing screen.
  • Large wooden spoon or pole for stirring.
  • Metal Table Spoon for collecting hash from bags.
  • 224 grams (1/2 lb) of your favorite high CBD strain.
  • 3-5 lbs of ice from filtered water.

In a warm environment, collecting and manipulating hash will be tough, so double-check that the area you'll be working in is cool, below 70 degrees. Otherwise, you may work outdoors in the cold to make things simpler. Trichomes break easily at low temperatures, which is why it's important to use water as cold as possible and to freeze your hemps buds or shake prior to starting. The terpenes don't evaporate as quickly in a cool environment.

The procedure is the same for all of the techniques. The sole difference is in the materials required.



  1. Plan ahead and freeze the hemp buds overnight. When the CBD flower is frozen, the trichomes will more easily detach from the plant material. DLO hemp buds, or shake are a great option as they are covered in delicious trichomes
  2. Next place the smallest bag (lowest number of microns) in a bucket, followed by the next size. Continue until you've filled all of the bags in the bucket this way. The last bag should have the highest number of microns, allowing more plant material through. That way the last bag will have the smallest holes and the most filtered CBD hash. The order should go something like this. (25 microns, 73 microns, 120 micron, 160 microns).
  3. Fill the work bag (220 microns) one-third with ice, add up to 224 grams of CBD-rich buds, top it off with another layer of ice and fill with filtered water. Wait 15-30 minutes while the CBD flower is rehydrated and chilled.
  4. Stir continuously, slowly, and gently for about 20 minutes with a big wooden spoon to break the trichomes from the plant matter. Remove the 220 micron bag containing the plant material and place in the extra bucket. The remaining water should be golden as it will contain all of the trichomes!
  5. Pour the water into the bucket with your bubble bags lined in descending order.
  6. Remove the 160 micron bag and place it in an empty 5 gallon bucket. Fold the edges over and scrape off the ice wax with a metal spoon and place on the 25 micron screen. The bubble hash will be greenish/ golden as it has a bit of plant material. This is normal.
  7. Remove the 120 micron bag from the first bucket and allow it to drain. You will notice a layer of more lightly-colored trichomes has gathered on the filter after removing the second bag from the first bucket.
  8. Now remove the 73 micron screen and allow to drain and place in the empty bucket. Many consider this to be "full melt" ice wax and can be used as a dab. At DLO, we mix all of our CBD hash grades together so it remains full spectrum.
  9. Repeat this process with the remaining bubble bags. You can tell that the hashish is becoming clearer and has less plant-based as you gather trichomes from each bag. The 25 micron bag should have golden ice wax in the bottom.
  10. The plant material can be rewashed 3-4 times with fresh water and ice. Once you have collected all the bubble hash, fold the 25 micron filter cloth back on itself to get rid of any excess water. You should have a paper towel underneath to absorb the water.

    This is the method we use to make our premium, full spectrum CBD bubble hash. It's a lengthy process, but the end result is worth it!

     Silk Screen/ Jar Method

    Maybe you don't have Bubble Bags, but still want to make CBD Water Hash. No problem, you can produce a smaller amount of Ice Hash without the need for bags. You'll just need a silk screen and a couple mason jars. The most common nylon screens have between 100 and 150 strands per inch and can be purchased online.


    Mix the smaller amount of CBD flower or shake with filtered water and ice in a mason jar and shake. Then strain the water with a coffee filter placed over another mason jar to remove the plant material. Place your micron screen over a mason jar and push down a bit to create a cup like shape to collect the resin. Pour the water over the screen and collect your ice hash. Squeeze out any water and allow your collected ice hash to dry overnight.


    After you've completed all of the procedures, you'll have your own handmade CBD Bubble Hash. However, before you can smoke it, it must be dried to prevent mold formation. To do this, spread the hash in a thin layer on parchment paper with a paper towel or cardboard underneath. Your CBD bubble hash should dry in about 24-36 hours. Sometimes it make take a bit longer, so just check back every 12 hours until it's dry. Make sure to dry your ice wax in a dark place with plenty of air circulation and no dust floating around. You want to make you do not contaminate your hash with anything during the drying process. Once dry, it will be ready to smoke, add to edibles, or store in a glass jar.

    It's critical to start with high-quality CBD buds or shake in order to have a tasty product. We have many hemp strains which would make a great CBD bubble hash, but we suggest Immortal, Kimbo Kush, or Dream Fuel. Any of our premium hemp flower strains will work just fine, so it really depends on your taste and preference.


     You can store your fresh CBD hash stash is a glass jar, wrap it in parchment paper, or even use our dual compartment stash jar. The concentrate compartment is made of silicone and will hold 2-3 grams of CBD extracts. CBD bubble hash will last for months is properly extracted and properly stored, so you can continue to use it at your own pace. Over time you may your ice wax smelling better and better, as the terpenes inoculate the concentrate. No you're a CBD bubble hash master, you're welcome!

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