How To Find Organic Hemp Oil

Looking For Organic Hemp Oil? Here Are 5 Reasons CBD MCT Oil Is Best

What Is The Best Organic Hemp Oil?

For those looking to utilize the benefits of CBD without the THC high, organic hemp oil offers a natural and convenient solution. Oils derived from artisan hemp don’t contain enough THC (if any at all) to make you high. Additionally, organic hemp oils contain high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes that encourage medicinal benefits and therapeutic effects. 

The best part about organic hemp oil? Not only is it potent and effective, but oils derived from hemp are easy to both use and buy online. The only question left is which oil to try. 

For a great and organic hemp oil recommendation: CBD MCT Oil.

CBD MCT oil is a natural and organic hemp oil derived from full spectrum hemp flowers. It works by combining the nutritional benefits of MCT oil with the therapeutic and health benefits of CBD.  

What Is MCT CBD Oil?


In short, this type of organic hemp oil uses MCT as a carrier oil. 

MCT oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides: a type of healthy fatty acid that most modern diets lack. As such, using MCT oil is a good way to stay on top of your nutritional intake. But by adding CBD into the mix, you can include a combination of relaxation, pain relief, and mental serenity.

An additional benefit of using MCT as carrier oil for CBD is its fast absorption rate. MCT oil goes immediately into the bloodstream—meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD sooner rather than later. In general, the CBD effects kick in after about 20 to 30 minutes. 

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5 Reasons To Choose MCT CBD Oil

Let’s get down to brass tacks: MCT CBD oils are the superior oil for CBD ingestion. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons why.

  1. MCT CBD Oils Are Full Spectrum

The biggest advantage of MCT CBD oils is that they’re full spectrum. In other words, they contain all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids indicative of quality hemp. 

Cannabinoids and terpenes play a major yet often overlooked role in CBD potency. These elements—including CBG, CBC, CBN, etc—often provide their own list of medicinal and therapeutic effects similar to CBD. Additionally, they also interact with CBD to create the entourage effect.

Most tinctures and CBD oils that you will find in stores or online are usually CBD isolate oils. As the name suggests, these types of oils isolate the CBD cannabinoid only, so they don’t contain any additional terpenes or cannabinoids. While this might make it easy to ingest CBD, CBD isolates aren’t nearly as effective or relaxation-inducing as quality and organic hemp oils like MCT CBD oil.

2. MCT CBD Oils Provide Nutritional Supplementation

As mentioned earlier, MCT CBD oil also acts as a natural nutritional supplement. 

MCT oil itself is made up of omega-3 fatty acids. In layman’s terms, these types of acids are found in healthy foods such as fish, nuts, vegetables, etc. Modern diets, unfortunately, don’t consist of enough omega-3 fats and instead consist of an indulgence of saturated fats—like those found in red meats and junk food.  

MCT CBD oil is an effective way to help keep your nutritional intake balanced while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Additionally, omega-3 fats themselves are known to give a natural boost of energy.

 So if you’re finding yourself stressed and/or deprived of energy during the day, MCT CBD oil may be the best natural and organic solution.

3. Organic Hemp Oils Are Cheap

The word “organic” is sometimes associated with “overpriced” or “overrated.” However, this isn’t the case with organic hemp oils.

Compared to isolated CBD oil and tinctures, organic hemp oils like MCT CBD oil don’t rely on expensive extraction methods. Instead, most organic hemp oils simply use heat to infuse the CBD into the MCT carrier oil. This process doesn’t require any additional solvents to extract the CBD, and so companies like Dreamland Organics can manufacture and sell these oils with no additional costs.

4. MCT CBD Oil Is Easy And Convenient

Perhaps the number one reason to use organic hemp oil in general is for its ease of use and convenience. 

MCT CBD oils only require a drop or two under the tongue to reap a variety of quick-acting benefits. For those who don’t like smoking, this makes an easy alternative to traditional CBD flowers.

Alternatively, you can also put a few drops of MCT CBD oil into your beverage and ingest as you sip. MCT CBD oil is flavorless unless infused with additional flavors, and so it mixes tastelessly into drinks like coffee or tea. 

Are you a fan of CBD edibles? Better question: who isn’t? Organic hemp oil is also easily added into recipes to make effortless yet potent edibles like CBD cookies.

5. It’s Organic!

Finally, the biggest advantage of MCT CBD oils is that they’re organic. This may not sound too important, but believe us, organic CBD products are by far the best. 

CBD oil derived from inorganic hemp flowers pose a series of possibly negative health effects. In short, hemp flowers grown inorganically often utilize chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Because hemp growing practices aren’t regulated by law, many of these chemicals contain numerous toxins that can make their way into your bloodstream in trace amounts. After prolonged use, these trace toxins can cause cancers, neurological disorders, and numerous adverse health conditions. 

So do your health a favor and stick to only organic hemp oils derived from naturally growing artisan hemp. 

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The Best Organic Hemp Oil Online

Interested in combining the benefits of organic hemp oil with MCT? If so, our recommendation is the MCT CBD oil by Dreamland Organics.

Our MCT CBD oil is derived from only our best-selling, exotic hemp flower. With a high CBD content of 500 mg, this oil is considered one of the most potent and effective full spectrum oils on the market.

One full dropper is equivalent to 18 mg of CBD. With just a drop or two under the tongue, you can feel relaxed, pain-free, and chill within minutes. Because it’s full spectrum, it’s also equally effective at inducing the entourage effect for an added kick of calm. We recommend starting with one drop and going from there. That way you won’t get too sleepy.

We offer both flavored and unflavored oils. For an all-purpose use, especially for mixing with food or drink, we recommend our unflavored oil. But if you want a taste of something fruity/minty, we also offer MCT CBD oil with orange ginger or with mint chamomile.

Final Thoughts Organic Hemp OIl

For an organic hemp oil that’s convenient, potent, and full spectrum, MCT CBD oils are the go-to. 

At Dreamland Organics, we’re passionate about delivering only the most premium and organic artisan hemp grown on mother Earth—and this passion for quality extends to our CBD extracts and tinctures. All our products are derived from craft hemp flowers grown in natural sunlight and living soil, offering the best and most top shelf cannabinoids and terpenes possible.

Like the idea of MCT CBD oil but aren’t quite sold? Check out our amazing CBD bundle deals. These deals allow you to try a little bit of everything, including our oils, for a discounted price. 

Stay blessed.

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