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A Guide To Hemp Flowers For Sale Online

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The Search For Top Shelf CBD Hemp Buds

CBD is gaining popularity for a number of reasons, namely the passing of the 2018 farm bill, making it nationally legal. But how do I find CBD bud for sale online? CBD products are popping up everywhere from supermarkets to gas stations, but are they the best places to buy CBD hemp buds? The easiest and quickest way to find quality hemp nugs and CBD products may come from an internet search, so in this article we will show you what to look for.

Where Can I Buy Top Shelf CBD Flower?

Although CBD products can be purchased from many different kinds of brick and mortar stores, the most efficient and often the most affordable way is to buy CBD online. You can scan dozens of different stores and products with a few clicks of your mouse. To do this in person would take all day and is not efficient. Furthermore, searching from physical store to store does not guarantee you will find the best products at the best price. That is why we recommend taking a look online for premium hemp flower and CBD.

Hemp Flowers For Sale

Hemp flower, or hemp nugs as they are sometimes referred to are the unprocessed parts of the hemp plant that contain all of the cannabinoids (like CBD) and terpenes that provide all of the desired benefits. Although many online vendors sell hemp flower, not all flowers are created equally. In fact, the bulk of what is available online is simply repackaged, low quality industrial hemp. Much of this hemp is really intended for extraction, but in many cases the flower buds are trimmed and passed off as premium hemp flower. That would be like buying a bunch of frozen hamburgers and attempting to start a burger bistro. It’s a bit disingenuous and the consumer is usually none the wiser.

That is why we recommend finding a direct to consumer hemp farm/brand that delivers a higher grade CBD product. The benefit of buying direct is you get more information on how the hemp plant was grown, prior to being turned into products for consumption. We strongly suggest you look for an organic hemp flower farm and steer clear of industrial hemp. Small craft farms like Dreamland Organics do not use synthetic pesticides or nutrients and produce a more flavorful and effective CBD hemp bud. With so many different hemp flowers for sale, we realize the process of finding the perfect hemp strain may take some trial and error. Not to worry, you can try small amounts of hemp flowers, possibly a hemp flower sampler pack and hone in on what suits you.

How To Spot Top Shelf Organic Buds?

Premium hemp flower will take on different sizes, shapes, colors and smells depending on the strain and how it was grown. For instance, hemp buds can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses, or indoors. While indoor hemp flowers may look great and have what is known as bag appeal, don’t take looks as the only factor. Outdoor hemp buds are known to have more terpenes (plant oils which give the hemp plant its smell and flavor) and thus activate the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect occurs when all of the major and minor cannabinoids, in addition to the terpenes, play off each other and create a synergistic effect. Premium hemp buds should be hand trimmed, glass jar cured and have a pungent aroma. They should be free of mold, excessive seeds and look quite similar to actual cannabis. In fact, hemp flower is essentially cannabis, without the psychoactive effects. Be wary of really cheap prices, as this may be indicative of a low quality industrial hemp flower. Although almost every online seller claims to have “premium flower”, the truth is most do not. Real premium hemp buds will range in price from $20-$40/ 1//8th ounce. Cheap hemp flower less than $15/ 1/8th ounce is usually just low grade industrial hemp in a pretty package. Unfortunately, this low grade flower usually lacks flavor and may be sprayed with pesticides.

Selecting The Right Hemp Strains

Just like cannabis, CBD hemp buds come in 3 distinct types of strains with slightly different effects.

  • Indica - These hemp strains tend to have a strong body effect and may even induce sleep or lethargy. The hemp buds themselves tend to be dense and the flavors are often gassy or earthy. These hemp strains are great after a long day or before bed.
  • Sativa - These kinds of hemp buds are usually more uplifting and are ideal for focus and being functional during the day. The flavors tend to be more fruity or floral and the bud structure is often a bit more airy. These hemp strains are great for mood enhancement and work great as an antidepressant.
  • Hybrid - As the name suggests, hybrid hemp strains are a cross of both indica and sativa genetics. As a result the effects and flavors are varied and can either lean towards indica, or sativa, or be a balanced 50/50 strain. With these strains you may have to try them first to see how you react to them.

How To Tell If You Have CBD Flower

Well, first of all, CBD flower is the only flower you can purchase online, since it is nationally legal, as opposed to high THC cannabis. With that said CBD buds will test below .3% THC and not induce any psychoactivity. Hemp flowers for sale online may look exactly like cannabis, they just don’t get you high. That is great news for those looking to treat pain or anxiety, without feeling stoned. Smoking hemp flower is also a great way to help kick that nagging cigarette habit.

The Best Hemp Flowers For Sale Online

Premium hemp flower brands will offer many different hemp strains and hand trim each hemp bud. Hemp flower farms like Dreamland Organics will also slow cure their buds and offer them for sale in glass jars. Lookout for organic hemp flowers which also taste better and are more healthy for you. It’s easy to mistake an industrial hemp flower for a true craft hemp bud, but the proof will be in the puff. Try a few CBD brands and you should be able to find the right hemp company for your budget and personal preference.

hemp flowers for sale

What Does Top Shelf Hemp Flower Look Like?

CBD Hemp buds range in color from green/yellow hues, to darker greens, browns and purple. You may notice trichomes on the outside of the bud and this is a good sign. The trichomes contain the cannabinoids, like CBD which provide the effects. Hemp buds which still have a lot of leaf material and do not have trichomes or much smell are indicative of low quality industrial hemp buds. At the end of the day you want a well trimmed and presented hemp flower without excessive stem or leaf material to discard. If your hemp flowers look like traditional cannabis and have a pungent similar smell, you are on the right track!

What Is The Strongest Flower?

While you might be tempted to select the hemp bud with the highest percentage of CBD, that does not always make it the strongest flower. Terpenes play a huge role in the effect a hemp bud has and that is why we focus more on terpene production than just CBD percentage. As earlier stated, the entourage effect occurs when the CBD and the terpenes play off of each other. Some of our hemp strains are only 10-12%, but are more potent than other hemp strains with 15% CBD that lack an adequate amount of terpenes.

How To Find Hemp Flowers For Sale Online

So you are ready to find hemp flowers for sale online, as you have realized that is the easiest, safest and most efficient way to find premium hemp nugs. Sure the CBD store is a great place to buy hemp buds, but you can easily scroll through dozens of options in a few minutes online, while you would haver to drive all over town to find the same variety from brick and mortar CBD dispensaries. To effectively find the best hemp flower online you should enter the correct search term into google. Listed below are some popular hemp flower search terms that will help you find your CBD buds in a flash!

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When looking for hemp flowers for sale online you should keep a few basic things in mind to ensure you get the premium flower you desire. Listed below are a few guidelines to adhere to to make sure you find top shelf hemp buds.

  • Organics - Always choose organic hemp buds. They have better flavor and you don’t have to worry about caustic pesticides being sprayed on your hemp plants.
  • Slow Cured - If the hemp buds did not get properly cured they will lack flavor and often burn hot. That defeats the purpose of using smokable hemp flower for your relaxation, as a harsh smoke will not be enjoyable.
  • Hand Trimmed - Machine trimmed hemp bud is indicative of a low quality industrial grade flower These flowers are a dime a dozen and can be compared to mass produced fast food. Artisanal, craft hemp flower is always hand trimmed.
  • Terpene Rich - A hemp bud with no smell was either dried improperly or is a low quality hemp genetic. You should be impressed with the smell, as those terpenes will also determine the effect of your hemp flowers.

All in all you should now be prepared to find some premium hemp flowers for sale online and enjoy all of the benefits. You can now medicate stress free with a little more knowledge and discernment. Happy smoking and remember, “The Proof is in the puff”!

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