Green Dream Strain : Is It Good? | Organic CBD Nug Review

Organic CBD Nug Review Of Green Dream Strain

Looking for a craft hemp flower strain suited for anxiety? Or do you simply want a strain that won’t bog you down or make you sleepy—all while keeping you relaxed, focused, and uplifting your mood? 

If so, then Green Dream may be right for you.

Our Green Dream strain is reminiscent of the original Green Dream cannabis strain. However, our version is exclusive to Dreamland Organics and doesn’t contain THC, the chemical element which makes its user high. 

As such, Green Dream is a great sativa strain for those looking to relax and unwind. It’s also federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp that contains little to no THC. Though, make sure to check your local laws. 

In this organic CBD nug review, we’re going to explore the benefits and properties of the Green Dream CBD strain as well its recommended uses. In case it isn’t right for you, we’ll also include a list of similar strains to browse from.

What Is Green Dream Strain?


You may recall the Green Dream cannabis strain as one of the most popular strains among cannabis smokers. Our CBD-only strain is incredibly similar in terms of smell and characteristics—the main difference, of course, being that it doesn’t get you high. Instead, it focuses on the relaxing and mood-boosting benefits typical of sativa CBD. 

Our Green Dream hemp flower isn’t a bred version of the original cannabis strain. Instead, it’s exclusively our own and is a sister strain to Selene. As a hemp flower strain, it still remains one of our most popular sellers. In part, this may be due to its nostalgic terpene profile. It has a fruity smell with gassy undertones. 

The Green Dream strain is the best craft hemp flower for novice hemp smokers or for those who want an easy-going smoke without drowsiness or getting too relaxed. This is because it’s a smooth, light-tasting, and pleasant smoke that isn’t too harsh on the throat or lungs. 

The effects are light and not overwhelming due to its terpenes and minor cannabinoids. It also has more mild amounts of CBD (12%) compared to potent indica strains, so it doesn’t make you overly tired. Instead, this strain focuses on mood-boosting, stress relief, and mental calmness.

Benefits Of Sativa CBD

Before we continue with our organic CBD nug review, let’s first take a look at the benefits of sativa strains.

Sativa CBD flowers are craft hemp plants which give a “head high” as opposed to a body high. What this means is that sativa will boost mood, creativity, emotional calmness, and mental clarity more so than indicas.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin in warm and sunny climates. They usually have finger-like and delicate leaves that produce light, airy buds. Their flavors tend to be earthy.

Sativa is most known for its energy and mood-boosting effects. As such, sativa strains are best recommended for daytime use. 

To read more about the differences between sativa and indica CBD strains, read our blog post: Indica CBD vs Sativa CBD | A Guide To Craft Hemp Flower Strains

"Green Dream is our usual recommended strain for novice CBD smokers."

Best Uses Of Green Dream Strain

There are 4 primary uses of Green Dream that excel over other sativa strains. 

  1. Productivity: Due to the energy it gives, Green Dream is best utilized by those who need an extra boost of productivity for the day. If you’re lethargic or struggling to stay motivated throughout the day, then this sativa strain is perfect for you. On top of boosting energy, it also increases mental focus—which helps you stay concentrated on the task at hand.

  1. Boosting Mood: Sativa strains in general are great at uplifting you and boosting mood. In turn, this can help assist in fighting depression, insecurities, or general feelings of inadequacy. Or it can just help you feel better and stay in good spirits, which is beneficial for you and everyone around you.

  1. Reducing Anxiety: Although this can be debated, some would consider sativa strains best for reducing anxiety. For many, the mood-boosting qualities and mental focus that CBD flowers like Green Dream produce can help turn their mind away from anxious thoughts. Green Dream in particular is good at providing mental focus, which consequently turns your attention to better things. Although, this can vary from person to person.

  1. 4) Pain: Although this is an attribute of all CBD flowers, Green Dream is especially beneficial for those who need pain relief daily and during the day. This is because Green Dream is very easy to take during the day because it won’t slow you down. Although it might not be as effective as hard-hitting indica strains like Kimbo Kush, it can still easily and conveniently help soothe moderate pain throughout the day.

Keep in mind, though, that these effects can vary depending on each individual and their reactions to this particular strain. 

Green Dream Is A Great Sativa Strain For Beginners

As a general rule, sativa CBD flowers have lower concentrations of CBD than indica ones—putting more emphasis on the effects of the terpenes and other cannabinoids instead. 

As a result, sativas are arguably considered “less heavy” than indicas, as they’re smoother to smoke and less likely to bog you down. This is why sativa strains such as Green Dream are optimal for beginners that are new to smoking CBD flowers. 

Similar Sativa CBD Strains

Is Green Dream still not right for you? Then why don’t you take a look at some of our other effective sativa strains: 

Tropical Dream is a variation strain of Green Dream. The main difference is that Tropical Dream has a higher CBD concentration and may be even more suited for anxiety. It also tastes very fruity, but with subtle gassy notes.

Epic Sunrise is a similarly uplifting sativa strain that tastes slightly like blueberry lemonade. It has a higher CBD concentration than most sativa strains, and as such emphasizes mental relaxation over productivity.

Selene is another sativa strain which also puts emphasis on mental relaxation. It tastes more floral than Epic Sunrise and has less CBD.

Eden is the best sativa strain for dealing with both anxiety and depression. It puts more emphasis on relaxation and mental serenity more so than other sativa strains, and has a funky floral aroma.

For more strains, view our shop.

Final Thoughts

In this organic CBD nug review, we hope that you can better understand Green Dream and its sativa effects. It’s one of the best sativa CBD strains for anxiety, productivity, and mental focus. 

We at Dreamland Organics are passionate about providing only the most natural and organic CBD hemp flowers on the market. Unfortunately, much of the craft hemp flowers for sale online are grown using chemically synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals have been proven to be toxic and harmful to long-term health. Thankfully, we use no such things. All our hemp flowers are grown using only natural processes and fertilizers. 

Stay blessed.

green dream strain
green dream strain

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