Confessions Of A Legacy Cannabis Grower Turned Premium Hemp Flower Grower

Long before I started Dreamland Organics and began my quest to grow the most exotic premium hemp flower on Earth, I lurked in the shadows. I don't consider myself a renegade, but as a long time high THC cannabis user, I felt under-represented and at the mercy of "my guy" in those times. Usually, he did not even know what strain it was, let alone whether it was sativa or indica. As to how it was grown and if it was organic, or sprayed with harmful pesticides, his guess was as good as mine. Something had to give, so I decided to assume a great deal of risk to provide myself and my friends with premium organic flowers grown with love. But that's not where the story ends...Read on to learn what organics and a commitment to quality are so important to me and my brand

premium hemp flower grower

"With great risk, comes great reward." - Thomas Jefferson

The choice to grow indoor cannabis in Brooklyn of all places was not an easy one. Let's just say I had to get pretty crafty to avoid being found out for the gruesome offense of growing a freaking plant! While others were out robbing, stealing and raping and pillaging, I was petting my plants, talking to them and playing them classical music. I know, it's disgusting and I'm so ashamed. But seriously, it seemed strange that people could get piss drunk and fight in the streets and crash cars and alcohol was seen as benign. I felt like I was living in an upside down world.

I have heard it said that it is unjust to follow unjust laws and I do believe in that. If we have cannabinoid receptors in our brains, can one not assume that the cannabis and hemp plants, which contain said cannabinoids are meant for consumption?

Luckily, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, we can grow premium hemp flower, but people are still be harassed for growing and smoking cannabis. Smh...

Why Is Cannabis Illegal Anyways?

Alcohol is legal, guns are legal, pharmaceuticals are legal, porn is legal, but plants that help people ease pain, chill out and think are strictly forbidden. While we can debate the rationale behind banning something the government once forced farmers to grow, I personally believe it is the "thinking" part that scares the powers that be. That and the self empowerment aspect seem to scare big bro, who tells us he is only looking out for our best interest. Snickers can be heard in the background while rational people read on.

"If I Can't Smoke The Best, I'd Rather Not Smoke At All"

Long before all you kids could roll up to a Cookies store and cop some high grade as easy as buying a new pair of Jordans, we had to search for premium flowers, like a quest for the "Holy Grail'. I may be dating myself, but when I started High School we were smoking Mexican brick weed and luckily for me I had a connect to some pretty sweet Jamaican sensi.

But I distinctly remember this new kid who came to our high School my junior year and introduced us to something he called, "kind bud". It was lighter in color, a pale mint green, appeared to be rolled in sugar and was strong AF! WTF is this? It was indoor grown from the west coast, probably Oregon or Cali and it was a game changer.

premium hemp flower

A Quest To Grow Exotic Cannabis And Premium Hemp Flower

The coveted "kind bud" or "high grade", was not easy to come by and after we graduated we lost contact with our connect from out west. So now what? Go back to smoking Mexican brick weed or decent Jamaican bud? Nope, once we had got a taste for exotic flower, it was hard to go back. It would be like trying In and Out Burger and then going back to the patties they served in the public school lunch room. No thanks.

A buddy of mine I met at college said his dad used to grow bud indoors and had a grow light down in the basement. I went and picked it up immediately. The thought that I could grow my own premium flower and not have to wish I found a magical herb genie, was too much of a temptation, for a bud lover like myself.

So start growing exotics I did and the rest, as they say, is history. Through the grace of GOD I was able to discreetly supply myself and friends for years before heading out west, to start Dreamland Organics craft hemp flower farm. It should be noted that DLO was initially intended to be a cannabis brand. We believe, in fact, it still actually is, as CBD flower is really just low THC cannabis, technically. But since Oregon froze cannabis licenses when we arrived, we had to pivot to CBD flower. We feel like this was a blessing in disguise as CBD has a wider reach, less oversight and helps so many people.

Why Strictly Organic Premium Hemp Flower?

When I first started growing I tried every single method possible for indoor cannabis. I started with standard non organic soil in pots, with non organic fertilizer. I then tried standard hydroponics, then organic hydroponics and finally settled on "True Living Organics" after reading a book by the same name. The concept was to recreate indoors, what was happening outdoors plants, where plants able to feed themselves naturally, as a result of microbes breaking down organic matter in the soil. This is called "living soil" and is really what soil actually is. Inert soil is really not soil at all. But I digress. 

The initial reason why I choose living organics to grow my exotic flowers was simple, the taste! You did not have to flush out any built up synthetic fertilizers and could not burn the plants.

I was not really aware of the health benefits of organics in general and was not yet a raving organic food consumer, that would come later. Initially, I was concerned with the quality of the smoke, so that's the origin story of Dreamland Organics in a nutshell.

Over time I have learned that living soil promotes terpene production, activating the entourage effect and actually provides increased effects when consuming hemp flower and cannabis.

Rest assured, when you try our exotic premium hemp flower, it is grown by a true weed snob who sought to grow and smoke the best of the best!

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