CBD Salve For Pain

CBD Salve For Pain : What You Should Know BEFORE Buying

CBD Salve For Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, back pain, or any form of chronic pain, then you may be considering CBD as an alternative form of pain management. But with so many types of CBD hemp products available, how do you know which one is best for you?


One of the most popular forms of CBD are topical ointments like creams, oils, or salves. These types of products offer a natural alternative to having to smoke craft hemp flower or medicinal marijuana. Instead of inhaling, simply apply to your skin and feel the effects.

CBD salve in particular is especially beneficial for pain and skin health. While moisturizing the skin, it also helps to target specific pain areas through cannabinoid receptors on the body. 

Because each artisan hemp product is different—with differing levels of potency and types of effects—some products are better suited for different types of pain than others. And with the recent surge of craft hemp flowers available online, not all products are created equal, either. 

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss using CBD salve for pain and what types of pain it can treat best. Additionally, we’ll also share some CBD alternatives if a salve isn’t right for you.

What Is CBD Salve?


We already discussed this in an earlier blog post. But, in short, CBD salve is a special type of salve that infuses cannabidiol (CBD). 

Unlike some other CBD tinctures, salves infused with CBD don’t use harsh ingredients like menthol or alcohol that can dry out or damage your skin (at least not the ones sold at DLO). Instead, organic CBD salves use natural beeswax and coconut oil for added skin rejuvenation. 

Additionally, salves derived from full spectrum hemp contain other minor cannabinoids and terpenes that may help in relieving pain. CBG, CBC, CBN, etc, all play a vital role within craft hemp flower. These minor cannabinoids also help to relieve pain through cannabinoid receptors. 

CBD Salve For Pain : Is It Better Than Craft Hemp Flower?

CBD itself is what relieves pain—along with a variety of other therapeutic benefits. That said, the application/ingestion method of CBD still makes a big difference. CBD salve suits some types of pain better than others. 

CBD works by reacting with the cannabinoid receptors within the body and brain. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, a vast network of densely-packed cellular receptors that are responsible for many functions of the brain and body. By binding to these receptors, CBD can help regulate mood, emotion, memory, and different types of pain. 

This is where CBD salve for pain vs. CBD flower comes into play. While smoking craft hemp flowers can help relieve pain by interacting with the receptors in the brain, CBD salve directly binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. 

In short, CBD salve is optimal for pain in specific areas of the body near the skin (joint pain, back pain, etc). Meanwhile, craft hemp flower can help mildly relieve pain all over the body as well as provide emotional and cognitive benefits like anxiety or depression management. 

Although this may make CBD salve sound less effective than artisan hemp for pain relief, it’s actually better suited for certain physical ailments. High pain areas where salve is applied will receive a greater amount of CBD benefits than through simply smoking hemp. You can also then enjoy the benefit of CBD without worrying about inhalation. 

Types Of Pain That CBD Salve Soothes

As mentioned, CBD salve is most optimal for pain in specific areas close to the skin. This includes: 

  • Joint pain caused by arthritis

  • Inflammation

  • Back pain

  • Muscle cramps and soreness

  • Pain caused by eczema or dry skin

  • Burns

  • Itchiness

In addition to reducing pain, CBD salve also does a great job at moisturizing and nourishing skin. This is due to the beeswax and natural oils which help to hydrate dry skin. 

In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology quotes topical CBD treatment as being effective for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Its anti-inflammatory effects can even reduce acne.

This isn’t to say that CBD salves are only good for pain though. Salves and CBD in general are also efficient at encouraging overall relaxation. And by applying CBD salve to the skin, this can help relieve muscle tension after a long or stressful day.

When Should I Use Craft Hemp Flower Instead? 

Although CBD salve can also affect receptors in the brain, it’s most effective for the types of pain listed above. However, it won’t be as effective at soothing “mental pain” AKA stress or mental conditions such as anxiety or depression. 

Smoking craft hemp flower itself is optimal for treating mood disorders, increasing appetites, improving sleep, decreasing stress, and inducing the entourage effect

Best CBD Salve On The Market

Word of caution: be careful where you buy your CBD salve online. Many companies include harmful additives that can damage your skin and health. Sanguine, bloodroot, and menthol are all often added in order to replicate the pain-relieving properties of CBD without actually using very much CBD. However, these additives are also highly corrosive and can severely damage your skin in the long run.

Looking for an organic and natural CBD salve? Then try the Double-Infused CBD Salve by DLO.

Our organic CBD salve is twice infused with CBD for higher concentration and added potency. This will help make the salve more efficient for relaxing muscles and treating pain. Simply rub a bit of salve into your afflicted area and feel the pain melt away within 15 to 30 minutes. 

This salve was created using only premium hemp strains, beeswax, coconut oil, and safflower oil. The natural oils help to rejuvenate skin and add hydration to your body’s most important organ. You can also get it unscented or with added mint. 

Final Thoughts

CBD salve for pain relief offers numerous benefits over traditional hemp. By ensuring that your salve is all-natural and organic, you can be satisfied in managing pain, nourishing your skin, and experiencing complete body relaxation. 

For complete pain relief, we recommend pairing CBD salve with a top shelf hemp flower. Immortal is one of the most beneficial CBD strains for pain management and for encouraging both body and mind relaxation. It also smells sweetly of grape jam. 

At DLO, all our artisan hemp strains are grown organically—without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or additives. This ensures only healthy nugs with exceptional taste and aroma. 

Stay blessed. 

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