CBD Salve : Benefits, Uses And advantages

CBD salve

CBD Salve: Benefits, Uses, And Advantages 

If you’ve been a long-time CBD user, then there is a decent chance that you’ve heard of CBD salves. They’ve recently become a popular method of absorbing the CBD cannabinoid via the skin. Thus, it’s a great alternative to those who want the benefits of CBD without having to smoke, vape, or orally consume traditional CBD products. 

And although we love CBD in all forms, CBD salves may offer certain benefits and advantages over other forms of CBD. 

Before we share with you the benefits of CBD salves, let’s first define what a CBD salve is.

By definition, a salve is any topical ointment or moisturizer used to protect or help heal the skin. So CBD salve is just that: salve infused with CBD. Consequently, since the skin itself can absorb moisture, it can also absorb the CBD from the salve and bring it into the body. 

At its essence, a CBD salve is just another great way you can utilize the benefits of CBD. 

Salves can be applied to the skin, scalp, or face for a variety of benefits, but they also offer a great alternative to traditional CBD products. Instead of swallowing CBD oil or smoking CBD flower, a topical salve can be applied directly to the skin. Plus, they’re also a great skin moisturizer!

How Does CBD Salve Work?

As mentioned above, CBD salves moisturize the skin, which the skin then absorbs. The CBD then interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Because the cannabinoid receptors are so highly concentrated in these areas of the skin, CBD salves typically take effect within 15 minutes. 

With that said, it should be noted that CBD salves only affect the part of the body they’re applied to. This means that CBD salve applied to your back won’t do anything to help soothe your aching elbow joint. This also means that it may not affect your head or give the same mental relaxation that’s typical of CBD flowers or oils. 

Although, as a trade off, the area where it is applied to will be especially relaxed, hydrated, and relieved of pain. It will smell good, too. 

CBD Salves For Pain

The benefits of a CBD salve for pain are similar to those of regular CBD products. However, they also offer a few advantages over traditional CBD flowers or oils. 

The main advantage is that topically applied CBD salves can give pain relief to specific parts of the body. As such, it affects the highly concentrated cannabinoids in that area much more efficiently than CBD that’s consumed through other means. Whereas typical CBD products will affect your mental state and soothe the entire body moderately, CBD salve is effective at soothing the specific parts of the body that are in dire need of pain relief. 

CBD salve is a natural and organic alternative to synthetic "pain relief" creams. The CBD effectively soothes pain inside joints, muscles, and the skin itself—making it a great medicinal remedy for arthritis, muscle soreness or tightness, chronic muscle pain, and more. 

As always, make sure to consult with a medical doctor before using any form of CBD for chronic conditions. 

CBD Salve For the Skin

Do you have dry or itchy skin? Then CBD salves may be the solution. 

Many people are using CBD salves as a topical solution to skin-related symptoms. Not only does the CBD aid in relieving itchiness or irritation caused by dry or itchy skin, but salve itself does a great job of keeping the epidermis hydrated. 

A high quality CBD salve is typically made with organic oils and beeswax. These things alone are great for the skin—but once infused with premium hemp flowers, it can be the missing piece in your daily skincare routine. For many, it’s a lifesaver.

CBD salve has also been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, and has been effective at inhibiting the oil production within skin pores which causes acne. It also adds elasticity and hydration to the face, which can help better conceal acne scars. 

But perhaps the best use of CBD salves for skin care is with eczema. Salves are extremely effective at reducing itchiness and relieving pain caused by dry skin—all while simultaneously hydrating the skin itself.  

How Do I Find Quality CBD Salve?

The importance of high-quality CBD salves cannot be stressed enough. But how do you tell the difference between high-quality CBD salves and low quality ones? 


The issue with a lot of CBD salves, especially those sold online, is that many companies add additives such as menthol into their salves in order to trick you into thinking that their product is helping you more than it is. They usually do this to make up for the lack of CBD or CBD quality in the salve. 

Some of these additives—like sanguinarine or bloodroot—are highly toxic and corrosive, which can permanently damage your skin in the long run. Additionally, many of these companies also use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers when growing their original CBD flowers, of which trace amounts can make it into your salve. 

Final Thoughts On CBD Salve

For someone looking to relieve distinct pain or treat their skin right, CBD salves prove to be a great option. Although they may not be everyone's cup of tea, they appeal to those who don’t always want to eat or inhale their CBD. Salves also work great to moisturize the skin, which makes them a great natural remedy for those suffering with skin conditions. And, like any form of CBD, they’re great for relaxing your muscles after a long day. 

If you’re looking for an organic, effective, and high-quality CBD salve, then Dreamland Organics has you covered. 

At 130 MG of CBD, our double infused organic hemp salve is one of the few truly organic CBD salves available online: 100% organic CBD flowers, oils, and beeswax.  Not included are synthetic additives, pesticides, or fertilizers (you’ll have to buy those yourself). 

Stay blessed. 

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