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Free Organic Buds! | CBD Flower Sample

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So there are plenty of skeptics out there who think that all CBD flower is just industrial grade, low quality flower. They have been duped by other online CBD stores who claim to have premium organic buds, but when they get their package, they are left disappointed. The flower does not look the same as it does in the pictures online. The smell may be off as well and there may even be seeds in the hemp buds. Frustrating, we know!

That is exactly why we started this brand in the first place. We wanted to grow premium hemp flower in the same vein as the craft cannabis that we have grown for years. The are cannabis flower connoisseurs whether it be high, or low THC as in hemp buds. Our journey started years ago as cannabis consumers who were frustrated with paying for low quality bud. In order to remedy this, we stated growing our own. This was years before the 2018 farm bill and way before hemp flower was even a thing. 

Fast forward to today and there are literally thousands of online hemp brands, many of them buying cheap hemp flower in bulk from industrial hemp flower farms and repacking their CBD buds as "premium", or "top shelf". There are even indoor hemp growers now who produce buds that look like high THC cannabis. There is just one problem, 99% of the hemp nugs we have tested are not on par with true craft cannabis. Furthermore, even less of these hemp flowers sold online are actual organic buds. Want to try a CBD flower sample? Read on...

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We know of one online brand that grows indoor hemp flower and harvests every 2 weeks. The buds look great and there brand is quite popular. But, there is a secret they are not telling you. Hydroponics do not make for a smooth smoking hemp flower. This grow method grows huge harvests and grows quicker than growing in soil, but the end product is not great. In addition, without a proper cure, the terpenes do not have time to properly mature, so the smokability is lacking.

Most of the CBD flower on the market is machine trimmed biomass essentially and not to be intended for smokable flower. Industrial hemp is great for extractions, not so much for smoking the hemp buds. The consumer is left to guess at where their hemp flower came from, as most online sellers simply state, "we source the highest quality flower, blah, blah, blah". Industry secret, wholesale industrial hemp flower goes for $150-$300/lb in bulk. Does that sound like premium quality to you? Craft cannabis goes for $150-$300/ ounce, not per pound!

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Compare all those hemp flower facts with us, Dreamland Organics, where we grow in living soil, and trim our hemp nugs, and glass jar cure them for a minimum of 60 days. We cut no corners in producing our premium hemp flowers we offer for sale. We are very transparent and show you our farm via our Youtube Channel and Instagram Accounts.

outdoor craft hemp flower farm

We want the consumer to know where their hemp buds come from, how they are grown, how they are stored and who is growing them. Most brands are juts a logo and a website and you have no idea who is even behind the whole operation. It's pretty hard to discern who has the best quality, when so much is intentionally covered up. If you knew all the dirty little secrets of this industry, I'm sure you would cringe in horror when you realize you have been smoking less than organic, premium hemp flowers.

At Dreamland Organics, we want to clear the air and bring some integrity to an industry where most are just looking to make money. Many of the people behind the biggest hemp flower brand do not even smoke cannabis. How can you know if your product is quality, when you cannot even test it out yourself? That is like a chef who does not taste his own recipes and just sends the food out, hoping people will like it. Yikes!

Let us explain what makes us different as a hemp farm and online CBD seller, so you understand the nuances in this industry.

Why Try DLO Hemp Flower?

We Grow In Living Soil

Living soil is a method where you do not directly feed your hemp plants per se, you feed the soil. This in turn feeds the plants, as the microbes break down organic matter and make it bioavailable to the plants. This means you do not force feed the plants synthetic nutrients, you basically recreate the ideal natural conditions for the plant to express itself.

The result is a plant which does not have nutrients locked up in the buds, so there is nothing to flush. Also it has been shown that cannabis grown in living soil produces more terpenes. The hemp buds end up being fragrant, smooth smoking and produce the coveted white ash. The ash is white because there are no residual chemicals or nutrients left behind in the bud.

We Slow Dry Our Hemp Buds

Many industrial hemp farms dry their hemp plants in a kiln or on the ground! When you have acres of plants, you do not have enough barn or drying room space to properly dry the hemp buds. Drying in a kiln evaporates most of the terpenes, leaving behind a flavorless hemp nug. Drying on the ground, well, is just like it sounds. The hemp plants are dried by the sun, which also degrades the terpenes on top of the plants being exposed to whatever may be on the ground like pests, bacteria and mold.

Compare that with Dreamland Organics where we slow dry our hemp buds in temperature controlled rooms for about 2 weeks before we cut them off of the main stems. Slowing down the drying process increases the terpene levels and also makes for a smoother smoke.

We Hand Trim Our Hemp Buds

Hand trimming is an expensive, arduous process, that why 99% of hemp farms do not do it. It costs $100-$200 per pound just to trim a pound of cannabis. That is ironically what a lot of hemp farms sell their whole pounds for. So you know they are not hand trimming them, as they would make no profit at all! 

Hand trimming also takes off the sugar and fan leaves that machine trimmers leave behind. The leaf material in hemp and cannabis is not advised to be smoked, as it burns harsh due to all the chlorophyl. So when you hand trim your hemp buds, you remove all leaf material and are left with just the buds, which contain the bulk of the cannabinoids. This makes for a smoother smoke.

We Glass Jar Cure Our Hemp Flowers

Due to the fact that we are a micro grow, we are afforded the luxury of curing our hemp flowers in glass jars. Yes, that is a lot of jars and yes we have the space to store them. That is due to the fact that we only grow a few hundred pounds, not tons, like most of the other hemp flower farms. Imagine having to cure 20,000 lbs of flower, that would be a lot of jars and a huge warehouse needed to store them. It's financially impossible to grow craft cannabis at scale.

That's why we stay small, as far as production goes and focus on quality over quantity. We know our lane and we stay in it. We talk a big game because we know this plant and this industry like the back of our hands and we feel qualified to educate and make claims like, "We have some of the best hemp flower online. Period".

How can we be so sure? Well partly due to all of the information we just started above, partly due to our customer reviews and partly due to the fact that we secretly try our competitor's CBD flower. To be blunt, we don't see much competition in reality. If we find someone who does an exceptional job at producing a top shelf smokable hemp flower, we will shout them out!

Exclusive Hemp Strains

Any seasoned cannabis grower will tell you that the biggest factor in producing top shelf flower is in the genetics. You could employ all of the above tactics, but if the source material, ie. the genetics are not strong, either will be the hemp buds themselves. At Dreamland Organics we breed our own genetics from a local seed stock that was gifted to us before we were even a CBD brand. These genetics are not the same old hemp strains like, Lifter, Surver Haze, Sour Space Candy, or Bubba Kush.

Our hemp genetics are local to the Willamette Valley in Oregon and are contoured specifically to our unique growing conditions. We are constantly testing out different phenotypes and refining our strains to make sure they produce the highest quality hemp flower possible for our region. 

We grow 100% Organic Hemp Flowers

We could talk all day about the benefits of growing organic hemp buds and we do, so check out some of our other blogs on that topic. We will briefly explain why organics and especially living organics produces a superior hemp bud. First off synthetic nutrients and even standard organic nutrients get locked up in the bud and when smoked taste horrible. Have you ever smoked cannabis that smelled great, but the smoke was harsh and horrible. Yeah, so have we. It's not fun. 

The other issue with non organic hemp flower is the pesticides. Many caustic pesticides are actually legal, that pesticide and contaminant test will look like the buds are completely fine, but they are far from it. Go into Home Depot and look on the back of any non organic pesticide and it will read "fatal if swallowed". Do you want or smoke that? Yeah, we thought not. But if you have smoked non organic hemp buds, you may have done just that. We eat organic as well, but even if you do not, you should consider at least smoking organic. Eating minute amounts of caustic pesticides which end up in food products is pretty bad, but just imagine lighting them on fire and inhaling them. Yuck! When you search "hemp flowers for sale", make sure you choose organic CBD nugs!

So with all that being said, do you want to try some actual, organic, premium hemp buds for FREE? Yeah, we thought you would. We are not just going to talk about our top shelf hemp buds, we are going to let you try a 2 gram sample for free, so you can see for yourself. That is the best way we can prove to you who we are and what we stand for. As we say, "The proof is in the puff". So for a limited time we are offering a free sample to those curious about trying our craft hemp flowers.

 Try Our Premium Hemp Buds For Free | CBD Flower Sample

outdoor bud

If you really want to see for yourself if our hemp buds are really that flavorful and smooth smoking, just try them! For Free! You just pay shipping and handling which should run you 3 or 4 bucks, depending on where you live. We want to let our hemp buds do the talking and gain your trust. Simply click here to order a FREE 2 gram hemp flower sample and you can be the judge. After you click checkout, you will notice you only have to pay for shipping and the 2 gram sample is free!

If you like our brand you can help us out by ordering, leaving a review, or by telling a hemp loving friend about us. Thanks in advance!

Stay Blessed.

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  • I really like your website and I appreciate the way you describe your product. I would like to try a free sample of your choice.. is there any way I can get a one time free shipping? I would love to be a future customer. Thank you for your time.

    Ian Vickers

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