The 4 Best CBD Bundles You Can Buy Online

The 4 Best CBD Bundle Deals Online

With the emerging market of CBD products online, some unique deals, like CBD bundles, have recently become popular. 

Why are CBD bundles in particular so popular? Because they offer a taste of a variety of CBD flowers and products for a discounted price. This way you can try a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers and decide which ones work best for you. And who doesn’t love a bargain?

To help make your search for the best CBD bundle easier, we at Dreamland Organics have made the ultimate list of the best CBD bundle deals for you to browse. This list includes only the best bundles in terms of variety and quality. 

Additionally, all of these products contain only natural CBD, and all CBD flowers are grown organically without additives or synthetic pesticides.

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But First, Why Buy CBD Bundles?

CBD bundles are great for experimenting with different hemp flower types. They’re also cheaper than buying a variety of CBD flowers yourself—which would require you to buy at least a gram or an eighth. Instead, these CBD bundles allow you to get a little bit of everything and experiment to see which flowers you like best. 

Like the effects of indica but don’t like the drowsiness? Try mixing it with a sativa structured flower to create your own hybrid form. It can also be a lot of fun to mix flowers based on taste, and seeing which combination suits your taste palette best.

Not only do CBD bundles contain a variety of CBD flowers, but they also contain salves, oils, and so on. This gives great variety for experimenting with different products.

With the holidays around the corner, CBD bundles make a great gift for friends and family. Your CBD enthusiast friend may enjoy trying a sample pack of natural CBD flowers. On the other hand, your non-smoking aunt may still benefit by trying out a CBD pack of oils and salves—which is great for pain and self care, but doesn't require inhalation. 

Organic CBD Hemp Flower Sampler Pack

Remember your CBD enthusiast friend we mentioned earlier (this may even be you)? Well, this may just be the best CBD bundle for those who prefer to smoke their CBD.

This CBD strain sampler pack contains only the most organic and highest quality CBD flowers on the market. In this CBD bundle, we have handpicked our personal favorite strains so you can try them all out. 

Included in this bundle is a gram of different CBD nug strains. You can get a two strain sample of Eden and Dream Fuel, two of our exclusive award-winning cultivars. Or you may opt for our five pick bundle, which also includes Immortal, Kimbo Kush, and Sheeba. Although, keep in mind that the five pack offers slightly more value per flower—giving you more bang for your buck. 

Each CBD flower strain in this pack has its own unique terpene profile and properties.

  • Eden is a great pick-me-up because it’s a sativa structured strain. It has a strong calming effect and a terpene profile that’s cheesy, floral, and a bit skunky.

  • Dream Fuel is a hybrid but indica dominant CBD flower, unique for its ability to increase mood, relaxation, and mental focus. Its terpene profile is gassy with notes of myrcene and mango.

  • Immortal is a hybrid purple hemp flower, which is crafted to be a good day and night smoker. Its taste is what makes it especially unique: sweet grape jam.

  • Sheeba is an indica CBD flower that emphasizes euphoria and relaxation. It has some of the lowest concentrations of CBD, making it a light day smoker which effects come mostly from its trichomes. It has a fruity blackberry-like terpene profile.

  • Kimbo Kush is one of our most powerful hemp flower strains at 17% CBD. This makes it a great sleeping aid and evening smoker. The terpene profile is gassy with notes of vanilla coffee.

This is also the best CBD bundle for those who like to experiment. Kimbo Kush, for example, is usually a good sleeper or evening smoker. But if you want to mix it with an “upper,” then smoking it with Eden is a good combination to keep you from getting too sleepy. 

The best part? With the holidays right around the corner, any strain you don’t prefer you can gift to a friend. Or, for the best value, split the pack five ways and have five different gifts to give away.

CBD Bundle #1: CBD MCT Oil and CBD Salve

Outside of CBD flowers, a whole world of salves, oils, extracts, and isolates exist. This bundle offers a little taste of that.

CBD bundle #1 is the best CBD bundle for those new to CBD or looking to gain the benefits of CBD without having to inhale smoke or vapor. As such, this bundle makes a great gift if you know anyone suffering from chronic pain or skin conditions like eczema or acne. 

The CBD MCT oil can be added to food or beverages. It makes a great addition to coffee, tea, or added into edibles. It can also be taken straight; just add a drop under your tongue and feel the pain-relieving and relaxing benefits of CBD. No smoking required. 

CBD salve, meanwhile, works great as a moisturizer or topical pain remedy. It is especially good for targeting isolated pain areas such as a bummed knee, skin condition, pained joint, or sore muscle. 

You can read more about the benefits and uses of CBD salve on our recent blog post.

This bundle also offers a variety of scents. You can choose to have the CBD MCT oil as either unscented, mint chamomile, or orange ginger. Likewise, the CBD salve can either be raw or mint infused. 

CBD Bundle #2: CBD Salves, MCT Oil, And Pre Rolls

This CBD bundle offers the same CBD Salve and MCT oil as the previous one. However, it also includes a 5 pack of CBD pre rolls.

What is in our pre rolls? A little bit of everything. We call it the "Dreamland Blend.”

The Dreamland Blend is a mixture of all our strains, making it the mother of all hybrid CBD pre rolls. It is also infused with an extra shot of our CBD kief, adding more potency and terpene flavor. 

The terpenes in this 5 pack offer a smooth smoking session that is equally as tasty as it is potent. The flavor is sweet and aromatic, and the effects of the CBD kick in immediately due to the CBD kief and strain mixture. 

The best advantage of CBD pre rolls is that they’re always ready-to-go. As long as you have a match or lighter, you can smoke these “flower joints” just about anywhere. They’re rolled in an ultra-thin paper made out of organic hemp and include a small filter for extra smoothness. 

CBD Bundle #3: The Best All-In-One Bundle

CBD Bundle #3 is the best CBD bundle if you truly want to try a little bit of everything DLO has to offer.

Items include everything talked about thus far: CBD MCT oils, CBD salves, 5 strain sampler pack, and 5 pack CBD pre rolls. 

Although a bit pricier than the rest (because it has the most products), this CBD bundle also offers the most value. Compared to buying each CBD flower and product separately, this CBD bundle saves you a ton of money. 

Similarly, this bundle makes a great gift for someone special. If you know someone who really loves CBD, then this is the best gift for them as it offers everything from salves to oils to natural flowers. 

As we say, variety is the spice of life. In that case, this is one of the spiciest bundles we can think of.

Final Thoughts

Want a variety of different CBD flowers and products? Do you also like getting more out of your dollar? What about a gift idea? Then CBD bundles are for you.

We at Dreamland Organics are passionate about CBD. For over ten years, we have perfected the art of breeding and growing CBD flowers organically and naturally. All of our products contain no artificial additives. Just as importantly, all of our craft hemp flowers are grown in living soil under natural sunlight—with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers needed. In an age where everything is mass produced and sold online, this has become a sort of rarity.

Since we love CBD so much, we invite you to try out our CBD bundles and experiment with our strains. Better yet, bless your friends and family this Christmas by gifting them with the best CBD bundles available online, exclusive from only DLO.

Stay blessed.

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