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The Best High THCA Hemp Flower For Sale | THCA Benefits And Products

Looking for the best high THCA hemp flower for sale? 

For those that don’t know, THCA is another cannabinoid within cannabis and craft hemp flowers that help make them unique. Not only does it have similar medicinal benefits to both CBD and THC, but it also helps to encourage the entourage effect that high THCA hemp flowers are known for.

In this post, we’re going to explore the benefits and properties of THCA hemp flowers. Additionally, continue reading to see our top pick of the best high THCA hemp flowers and products that you can buy online from the comfort of your couch.

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What Is THCA?

As mentioned, THCA is another cannabinoid present within CBD hemp flowers. Specifically, it’s actually the acidic precursor of THC. 

What’s the difference between THCA and THC? The main difference is that THCA isn’t psychoactive, meaning that it won’t make you high like THC does. 

In raw cannabis and hemp, THCA is highly prevalent while the plant is growing. Most cannabinoids in this growing state are actually acidic compounds, but when exposed to light or heat they can convert into non-acidic compounds through a process called decarboxylation. This process is the same way we derive CBG from CBGA.

In layman’s terms, this just means that most THCA will eventually convert into THC over time as the plant grows and is exposed to different elements. Exposing cannabis or hemp to heat in particular will cause it to convert much more rapidly.

However, THCA by itself is still non-psychoactive. Since it doesn’t combine with the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body, it won’t cause intoxication like typical THC does. Instead, it will actually provide a number of therapeutic and medicinal benefits similar to traditional CBD.

Benefits Of THCA 

Studies have shown THCA to be especially good at targeting medicinal benefits such as: 

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Treating nausea 

  • Protection against neurological diseases

  • Treating cancer and tumor cells

  • Preventing metabolic diseases caused by obesity

  • Treating diabetes and fatty liver disease

THCA Hemp Flowers And The Entourage Effect

You may have noted earlier how THCA can convert into THC through exposure to heat. Consequently, vaping or smoking THCA presents what sounds like what may be a problem for THCA hemp flower smokers—since most people smoke them for the relaxing/medicinal properties of CBD, not the THC high. However, that conversion into THC is actually a beneficial thing.

THCA hemp flowers contain too little THC or THCA to make you high or intoxicate you. But they contain just enough to boost the entourage effect: a heightened feeling of relaxation and mental serenity. 

The entourage effect is caused by the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids within a craft hemp flower interacting with another, which in turn boosts the feeling of relaxation and calmness that CBD can induce. THC, just like any other cannabinoid, can help boost this effect. Some studies have shown that THC—even in trace amounts—is the best cannabinoid for interacting with CBD in order to cause the entourage effect. 

This is where CBD flowers and THCA hemp flowers come in. They’re packed with high quality terpenes and cannabinoids that cause the entourage effect, but keep the total THC concentration just low enough that it won’t intoxicate you or make you feel high. 

To learn more about the entourage effect, read our blog post: What Is The Entourage Effect? What Does The Entourage Effect Feel Like?

How To Take THCA By Itself Using THCA Hemp Flowers

If you aren’t interested in the entourage effect and simply want to ingest THCA using high THCA hemp flower, there are luckily a few ways to ingest them without exposing them to heat. 

The best way to ingest THCA and keep it intact is to consume it orally. Keep in mind, though, that in order to keep it from converting into THC it can’t be exposed to heat—so no-bake recipes are best. 

The best way to consume THCA hemp flowers is by grinding them into a fine powder and sprinkling them into a no-bake recipe like brownies, cookies, fudge, etc. Although you won’t get the entourage effect (at least not as strongly as you would by inhalation), these types of treats still give the CBD and THCA benefits associated with good CBD flowers.

Full Spectrum CBD Bubble Hash: Best THCA Product For No-Bake Recipes

CBD Bubble Hash is one of the best THCA products available—for both THCA consumption and THCA-induced entourage effects. 

This bubble hash by Dreamland Organics is made by using organic and high THCA hemp flowers and is extracted with clean, filtered ice water. It’s high in both CBD and THCA. This makes it a great option for both those who want to enhance the entourage effect using THCA, as well as for those who want to grind it into an edible powder. 

CBD Bubble Hash is extremely crumbly, making it easy to grind and powder into your favorite THCA recipes. Alternatively, this hash can also be sprinkled onto other craft hemp flowers in order to add an extra kick of CBD potency and entourage effect efficiency.

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Best High THCA Hemp Flower

Although CBD Bubble Hash is great for making into THCA no-bake recipes, regular THCA hemp flowers can also be grinded into powder and added into recipes. Or, if you just want the best entourage effect that’s physically possible, ordinary high THCA hemp flowers can do that, too.

Below are three of the best high THCA hemp flowers available to buy online.

  1. Immortal: Hybrid CBD And THCA Hemp Flower

Immortal is one of our most popular high THCA hemp flowers due to its unique terpenes and variety of high quality cannabinoids. 

Not only does Immortal contain high amounts of THCA and CBD, but it also contains high concentrations of other rare cannabinoids like CBG. These cannabinoids mixed with the rare terpene profile makes this CBD flower one of the most exotic THCA hemp flowers available anywhere on the market. 

Since it’s an indica-leaning hybrid, Immortal is overall relaxing but can be smoked/ingested both during the day and at night without risk of drowsiness. It works especially well for body relaxation, pain relief, and for use as a sleeping aid. 

It also has one of the most unique and distinctive terpene profiles of any THCA hemp flower: sweet grape jam.

Eden: Sativa CBD And THCA Hemp Flower

Eden, alternatively, is a sativa CBD and THCA hemp flower. 

As a sativa strain, Eden is the best flower if you want the entourage effect during the daytime. The THCA and CBD interact beautifully to create the entourage effect, but the sativa properties will help prevent you from getting too sleepy after your smoke session. Or, if you want the THCA medicinal benefits of oral consumption, Eden can also be grinded and added into a tasty and/or nutritious midday snack.

This CBD flower itself focuses primarily on boosting productivity while also uplifting mood and enhancing mental focus and clarity. As such, it’s great for treating anxiety, depression, and mild pain while simultaneously keeping you focused on the task at hand. 

Eden’s terpene profile gives it a cheesy floral aroma with skunky undertones. It’s light and fluffy and reminiscent of the cannabis strain "The Chronic" in phenotype.

Kimbo Kush: Indica CBD And Best High THCA Hemp Flower Overall

Kimbo Kush is possibly one of the strongest strains overall in CBD and THCA concentration. 

Because this THCA hemp flower is high in both cannabinoids, smoking it greatly induces the entourage effect. Indica flower strains in general usually have a higher amount of CBD compared to hybrids or sativas, but Kimbo Kush also excels with an extremely high THCA concentration. Together, these cannabinoids are great for severe pain relief, extreme relaxation, or for use as a powerful sleeping aid.

Whether you choose to smoke Kimbo Kush or add it into an edible for its THCA benefits, its CBD concentration of 17% will definitely pack a punch. So as a result, we recommend smoking it in the evening or making it into a tasty late night snack. 

If you do decide to eat or smoke this THCA hemp flower during the day, we recommend pairing it with a caffeinated beverage like coffee or tea. Coffee especially pairs well when smoking, since Kimbo Kush has a terpene profile similar to vanilla coffee with gassy notes.

Final Thoughts On High THCA Hemp Flower

Whether you’re interested in THCA for its medicinal properties or if you simply want a heightened entourage effect, the best high THCA hemp flowers are found exclusively at Dreamland Organics. These flowers will keep you relaxed, calm, uplifted, and provide a series of powerful medicinal benefits. 

Still not sure which craft hemp flower is for you? Try a CBD bundle deal for a variety of flowers and CBD products that you can sample for a discounted price. 

At DLO, all of our THCA hemp flowers are grown organically with natural processes. This means that you won’t find any trace of chemical additives, pesticides, or fertilizers at our CBD farm. Instead, all you would see is organic CBD flowers growing in living soil in the natural Oregon sun.

Stay blessed.

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