5 Best Hemp Tea Recipes Using Organic CBD Nugs

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Using Organic CBD Nugs For Making Hemp Tea

In a recent blog post, we explored some easy ways to brew CBD tea at home. While tea is relaxing already due to the benefits of tea leaves, combining it with CBD adds an additional therapeutic element. By infusing the CBD in hot water, it can be ingested easily and interact with receptors of the brain and body to produce a number of medicinal, therapeutic, and relaxational properties.

Making hemp tea at home can be as easy as dripping in a few drops of premium CBD oil into a hot tea. Give it a quick stir and you’re all set. 

That said, hemp and tea enthusiasts alike might better enjoy using regular, organic CBD nugs instead. By using a tea infuser to brew your hemp tea alongside tea leaves, you can expect a higher-quality, tastier hemp tea that’s full of CBD and flavor. 

In this blog post we’re going to explore five hemp tea recipes using organic CBD nugs. We’ll include CBD strains with tea leaf recommendations, as well as share what you can expect in terms of flavor, effect, and potency.

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Top 5 Hemp Tea Recipes Using Organic CBD Nugs

Part of the fun when making hemp tea at home is getting to experiment with different types of tea leaves and hemp strains. Different organic CBD nug strains will produce distinctive flavors, aromas, and effects that pair exceptionally well with certain types of tea. 

If you’re looking for a few simple yet palatable hemp tea recipes to make at home, then we’ve got you covered. Below are just a few of our hemp tea recipe recommendations.

  1. Floral Green Tea

Green Tea is on this list first, because it’s one of the most popular and often consumed teas overall. 

When brewed correctly, green tea has a naturally semi-sweet “grassy” taste that pairs exceptionally well with hemp. Many tea drinkers complain that green tea has a bitter taste—but this is usually because of incorrect brewing methods. Because green tea leaves are fairly delicate, brewing them at too hot of a temperature can damage the tea leaves and leave a harsh flavor.

To brew green hemp tea correctly, you’ll need to boil water to 180℉. Then, let it sit for about three minutes before steeping the hemp and tea leaves for five minutes. This should get the water to just the right temperature in order to keep the tea leaves undamaged. 

We recommend using Blue Diamond and Dream Fuel in your tea infuser, alongside the tea leaves. These organic CBD nugs both have a gassy yet sweet terpene profile that will create a succulent, semi-floral hemp tea. 

Blue Diamond and Dream Fuel are both indica-dominant hybrid strains. As a result, not only will your tea be tasty, but it’ll also help to relax your mind and body through their CBD concentrations. You can expect effects of calmness, relaxation, and mental serenity.

2.Hearty, High CBD Black Tea

Black tea is another popular option that pairs well with hemp. 

Unlike green tea (which is unoxidized), black tea is fully oxidized. This is what gives it its black or amber color. Black tea leaves are exposed to air and let to dry out, which darkens their leaves and gives them a hearty and somewhat earthy flavor. They’re often used as a substitute for coffee when drinking morning breakfast, hence the name of popular tea blends like English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast. Black tea is also caffeinated. 

We best recommend Kimbo Kush for making black hemp tea. Kimbo Kush has a gassy and earthy flavor that makes it a great hemp strain for making black tea. It has one of the highest CBD concentrations of any of our organic CBD nugs at 17%. This type of strain is best for caffeinated teas and beverages, because the caffeine will keep the CBD concentration from making you feel too tired or sleepy. 

Kimbo Kush is great for both relaxation, pain relief, and for clearing one’s mind of stress and anxiety. With a Kimbo Kush black tea brew, you’ll be feeling relaxation accompanied by a strong euphoria and warm body buzz.

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3.Sweet, Citrus Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is one of the tastiest teas available. It also offers a variety of health benefits similar to CBD.

Herbal tea blends are made using a mixture of dried fruits, herbs, flowers, berries, and seeds to name a few. These botanicals give herbal tea a fruity and sweet flavor that pairs well with exotic hemp strains. 

Along with sweetness, herbal tea provides a number of health benefits. Some studies have found it to be effective at boosting your immune system and preventing heart disease and even cancers. Add CBD hemp into the mix and you can double its medicinal benefits. 

Exotic nugs like Selene and Tropical Dream pair best with herbal tea blends. Going with that citrus and fruity vibe, each strain has terpenes that give them a fruity, citrus, and almost tropical profile that can taste great with any blend of herbal teas. 

Selene is an indica CBD nug, while Tropical Dream is sativa. This means that you can combine the benefits of both into an herbal hemp tea—feeling both relaxed and energized mentally. As a result, this hemp tea recipe is best suited for those looking to deal with anxiety, depression, or for simply relaxing in general. 

4.Creamy White Tea

An arguably less popular—yet equally flavorful—type of tea is white tea. 

White tea is very similar to green tea, as each blend is made with the same plant (camellia sinensis). The main difference is that white tea is slightly dried and oxidized, giving it its white color. It tastes similar to green tea, also, but with a sweeter and creamier flavor. 

Because white tea has a soft and creamy flavor, it takes a very special type of organic CBD nug to create a premium white hemp tea. Fortunately, DLO has just that with Cannoli. 

Cannoli is an exotic sativa strain that’s known for its unique terpene profile. With terpenes like vanillin, pinene, and caryophyllene, Cannoli has a sweet and creamy aroma that perfectly pairs with a tasty white tea blend. Many hemp enthusiasts have agreed that it tastes almost like an Italian pastry or vanilla cake. Keep in mind, though, that many white tea blends differ. For this recipe you’ll want a blend with a slightly earthier and nuttier flavor. 

Since Cannoli is a mild sativa strain, this white hemp tea will give you feelings of mind euphoria and relaxation with a hint of energy. The strain itself is exceptional at boosting one’s mental focus, making this tea recipe great for midday or lunch brews.

5.Energizing Yerba Mate Hemp Tea

As far as caffeinated tea goes, yerba mate is probably one of the most well-known. 

Although some argue whether yerba mate is actually a tea or not (some say its a version of herbal tea, even though it’s a separate plant), it’s typically brewed the same way. Yerba mate plants are found in certain parts of South America, and are a staple of Argentina and Uruguay culture. 

Yerba mate is known to have a strong vegetal and bittersweet flavor. In order to circumvent this bitterness, it’s usually recommended to use cold or warm water (never boiling water). While it’s not for everyone, brewing yerba mate alongside citrus and fruitier hemp strains can help offset the bitterness. 

Strains like Epic Sunrise pair well with yerba mate. Epic Sunrise has a sweeter citrus terpene profile that can add a bit of zest to your hemp tea. Alternatively, Eden has its own unique terpene profile that gives it an earthy, cheesier taste. 

Either organic CBD nug will play on yerba mate’s caffeinated properties, since each strain is a sativa that gives similar effects of energy, positivity, and focus. This makes Yerba mate hemp tea great for daytime consumption—keeping you uplifted, energetic, and calm during your busy day. 

Final Thoughts

Hemp tea is a great option for those looking to enjoy the therapeutic effects of both CBD and natural tea leaves without any THC or artificial additives. 

Here at DLO, we cultivate our organic CBD nugs using a variety of natural processes. All our craft hemp flowers are grown in living soil under bright Oregon sunlight, and without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We then handpick and slow cure our hemp flowers in glass jars for a minimum of 60 days. This ensures high quality and potent organic CBD nugs—making for both a smooth smoke and a tasty hemp tea. 

Stay blessed.

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