3 Best CBD Strains For Beginner Smokers

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3 Best CBD Strains For Beginner Smokers

Smoking Organic CBD Nugs For The First Time : What To Know

Thinking about trying CBD for the first time? While it may be daunting to try CBD for the first time—with all the different strains, oils, and tinctures out on the market—it still remains as one of the most beneficial substances for pain management and therapeutic benefits. 

According to statistics by CFAH, 24% of American adults use CBD regularly as of 2022. But there’s a reason that CBD has become so popular, as it’s a non-intoxicating method for treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other ailments. 

The best form of CBD: organic CBD nugs. Why? Because organic CBD nugs don’t contain hazardous compounds such as delta 8 THC or chemical additives. They’re also federally legal, making them easy and affordable to order online. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the three best CBD strains for beginners. And—if you decide that you don’t like the sound of smoking artisan hemp—we’ll share some of our favorite tinctures and hemp alternatives.

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Organic CBD Nugs Vs. Industrial Hemp And Cannabis

So, what makes hemp artisan? And what separates it from regular, old fashioned cannabis that everyones knows and (mostly) loves? 

While hemp is derived from the cannabis plant, the main difference is a legal one. Under the 2018 US Farm Bill, cannabis containing less than 0.3% of THC is considered hemp in legal terms—making it completely legal on a federal level. This also means that hemp won’t make you stoned like cannabis does.

There’s two main types of hemp: industrial hemp and artisan hemp, AKA craft hemp flower or organic CBD nugs. Industrial hemp is grown in order to manufacture products like clothes, rope, plastics, etc. It can be used as a great biodegradable alternative for products that would otherwise contribute to landfills and waste sites.

While industrial hemp can be smoked for CBD, it isn’t grown with terpenes and quality cannabinoids in mind. Industrial hemp often has harsh flavors. On average, this type of hemp has very little CBD concentration compared to organic artisan hemp nugs. 

Meanwhile, organic CBD nugs cultivated from artisan hemp have better flavor, effects, and a higher CBD concentration. This is because artisan hemp originates from traditional cannabis strains. To cultivate them, growers take regular, high-quality cannabis strains and selectively breed them for a high CBD, low THC concentration—all whilst retaining the premium terpenes and flavors, making for a tasty and aromatic smoke.

3 Best CBD Strains For New Smokers

What’s the best CBD strain for novice smokers? If you’re new to smoking organic CBD nugs, then this will be somewhat subjective based on tastes and preferences. In fact, you may have to experiment with a variety of strains until you find one which suits you. 

That said, a new CBD hemp smoker would probably appreciate a mild strain with moderate potency and effects. While CBD isn’t intoxicating or psychoactive like THC is, high CBD strains have a tendency to make you drowsy your first time smoking them. This is because CBD is somewhat sedative, which is where its beneficial relaxational properties come from.

In order to circumvent this, you might enjoy starting off with a moderate sativa strain. Sativa CBD strains can give a pleasant boost of euphoria and energy—all while keeping you relaxed and chill. 

To help you in your organic CBD nug search, below are a few hand-picked strains that are perfect for new smokers.

  1. Epione

For the best CBD strain for beginners, Epione is a great choice. 

Epione is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with relatively mild effects, flavors, and CBD concentration (10%). This makes it a great strain for both daytime and nighttime use, as it’s effective but not overly potent. As a result, new CBD smokers can easily try artisan hemp without fearing drowsiness or adverse side effects like cotton mouth. 

Its terpene profile is also what makes Epione unique. It has a semi-sweet toffee and coffee aroma. 

Sativa strains are known for being great mood enhancers. Additionally, they also give a feeling of calmness and relaxation that will keep you chill—but not tired. They’re also especially useful for anxiety and depression treatment.

2.Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is another great strain for beginners. Due to its sweet flavor profile and moderate effects, it emphasizes chill with a touch of energy and euphoria. 

As an indica strain, Blue Diamond is powerfully relaxing. But despite being an indica strain, it’s somewhat energizing as well as uplifting. However, it still gives off that “body high” which indica strains are famous for.

We best recommend Blue Diamond for those wanting to relax mentally and physically without being locked to the couch. It’s also great for reducing pain, anxiety, and stress after a long day.

With a variety of high-quality terpenes like linalool, mentol, and limonene, to name a few, Blue Diamond has an exotic blackberry and mint flavor. 


Looking for an organic CBD nug that relaxes you while also managing pain? Immortal does both.

We consider Immortal to be one of the best CBD strains for managing pain. But it’s also incredibly efficient at promoting relaxation and stress relief. 

As a well-balanced hybrid strain, Immortal combines the mood enhancement of a sativa strain with the body and mind relaxation effects of an indica strain. It’s moderately euphoric, pain relieving, and uplifting. It also has one of the most distinct terpene profiles of any strain: sweet grape jam. 

Although this strain has a higher concentration compared to the other strains on this list (15%), its sativa properties will keep you from nodding off. This makes it a great strain for those who want to relax or manage pain during the day and night. 

Special Mention: Organic CBD Nug Pack

Still not sure which is the best CBD strain for you? Why not try them all? 

Organic CBD nug packs offer a bundle deal of 5 different types of strains. For a discounted price, you can try a variety of flavors ranging from gassy to earthy to sweet. These types of bundles offer a good selection of different strains, making it easy for a new CBD hemp smoker to find the ones they like and discard the ones they don’t.

Additionally, you can also experiment by smoking two or more different strains at once. Add a few different strains to your bong, pipe, or vaporizer and see which combination tastes best. 

The nugs in our pack include Sheeba, Kimbo Kush, Immortal, Eden, and Dream Fuel—five distinctly different yet equally exotic strains. These types of bundles also make great CBD gifts.

Alternatives To Smoking Hemp For CBD

Not everyone enjoys or wants to inhale hemp smoke—and that’s okay! Thankfully, CBD tinctures and concentrates offer an alternative to smoking hemp straight. 

One of the most popular ways to ingest CBD is in oil form. CBD oils offer an easy and convenient medium for CBD usage, as they can be effortlessly dripped under the tongue or into a beverage and consumed orally. 

Our recommendation for a premium CBD oil? MCT CBD oil

Derived from organic hemp oil, DLO’s MCT CBD oil combines full spectrum CBD with MCT: a type of healthy fat which is used as a carrier oil, and which also promotes balanced nutrition and heart health (you can read more on our blog). It comes in unflavored, mint chamomile, or orange ginger. 

Another option is CBD salve. Salves provide a topical solution which can help reduce pain in targeted pain areas, such as joint pain or lower back pain. Our double-infused CBD salve has twice as much CBD as most other salves, providing quick and easy pain relief.

You can read more about CBD salve and how it specifically targets afflicted pain areas here: CBD Salve : Benefits, Uses And advantages 

Want a tastier way to ingest CBD? Try baking some homemade CBD cookies. CBD edibles can easily be made at home by following a simple recipe and adding in organic hemp.

Final Thoughts

New to CBD? Don’t worry, because DLO has you covered. We provide a variety of organic CBD nug strains and hemp products situated for everyday use. Whether you want to manage pain, anxiety, or simply reduce stress, artisan hemp will keep you chill, relaxed, and calm. 

The best CBD strains are cultivated with careful care and loving attention. At DLO, all our strains are grown in fresh air and living soil before being hand picked and glass jar cured for 60 days. This ensures a healthy, organic, and overall premium hemp smoking experience. 

Stay blessed.

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