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What Is Craft Hemp Flower?

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I've smoked plenty of different strains and growers hemp flowers and I'll honestly say DLO flower is top shelf. The terps profile and the smoothness is by far the best I've tasted. Straight fire!

Mike Crisp (US Veteran and proud father)

Good Sh*t. Best hemp flowers I've tried!

Danny Danko (former Cultivation Editor High Times)

The pre-roll was smoked with my GF and another guy who used to work at Ha****side (dispensary)with us, and we all agreed it tasted better than most of the pre-rolls we ever sold there; my friend was shocked that it was technically speaking hemp, it was not at all what he expected and he was a little apprehensive until he tasted it, then he loved it.

Mitchell C (cannabis writer & advocate)

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Whether you're new to craft hemp flower & CBD or you're a seasoned vet, it all comes down to choices. There are so many companies offering thca hemp flower for sale. One reason to choose Dreamland Organics is that we are 100% ORGANIC! That means no nasty chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We grow our own hand crafted organic buds on our nature reserve in Central Oregon. You can be sure our artisanal CBD products taste great and have no adverse effects. Who needs more worries nowadays anyways? Take a deep breath, or a really big hit..

When looking for the top hemp flower companies, you probably have a lot of questions. Is it good quality? Will it have the desired effect? Is it legal? What exactly is in it? Which product is best for me? The list goes on! We don’t want your experience to be riddled with unknowns, so we offer full transparency with all our products. Each one of our products from our hand-crafted CBD nugs to our full spectrum CBD oils and salves are third-party tested so you know you are getting a quality product without any added pesticides or compounds. What’s more, all of our craft hemp flower strains come from small batch production and are evaluated for their qualities, effects and suggested uses.  

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The different types of hemp strains (aka CBD hemp NUGS)

indica cbd flower

Indica CBD Hemp Nugs

Indica hemp strains are best used for pain relief, anti anxiety and as a sleep aid. These are the great hemp flowers to use after a long day, when it is time to unwind. These kind of hemp strains are great at reducing inflammation and relaxing.

Indicas are the perfect "Netflix and Chill" selections, as they are great for use at home and may induce the infamous, "couch lock". The hemp buds themselves tend to be dense and conical and the flavor can range from earthy, like our "Dream Fuel" or "Kimbo Kush" hemp strains, to fruity like of "Sheeba" CBD flower.

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sativa hemp buds

Sativa CBD Hemp Nugs

Sativa hemp strains tend to be associated with an up and energetic effect, making them the perfect day smoke. These type of hemp strains are great for treating depression, or any type of mood disorder, as they tend to uplift your spirits.

If you are planning a trip to the beach, or a day trip, some sativa hemp buds will make a good companion. The buds themselves tend to be airy and light, like the effects. The terpene profiles of sativas are often floral or citrus, like our "Eden" hemp strain. If you need an attitude adjustment, go with a sativa flower.

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hybrid hemp flower

Hybrid CBD Hemp Nugs

As you might expect, hybrid hemp strains are a cross of both sativa and indica hemp genetics. Depending on which parent hemp strain is dominant, a hybrid hemp flower may lean towards indica, or sativa effects, or be balanced as in a 50/50 hybrid.

If you are looking for both pain relief and reduced inflammation, while not being too sleepy, you may opt for a hybrid hemp strain. You can really get the best of both world in terms of effects and in terpene profiles as well. Our "Immortal" hemp strain is a well balanced hybrid, which reduces both anxiety and pain.

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