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Need CBD Pre Rolls NYC? We Got You!

park slope CBD delivery 

There are many CBD shops opening in NYC, but we offer same day Brooklyn CBD delivery! Are you close to Park Slope, Brooklyn? Interested in the benefits of CBD flowers or full spectrum CBD tinctures? Well your problems are over! We delivery chill to select neighborhoods in and around Park Slope. This includes various Brooklyn neighborhoods and even downtown Manhattan.

You can actually get premium hemp buds delivered straight from the farm to your door. Tired of getting low grade industrial hemp buds that taste horrible? Wish you could get legal CBD flower that actually tastes like craft cannabis? Something with a quality smoke but without the side effects (and high) of THC-heavy weed?

In steps Dreamland Organics! We have been growing top shelf buds for over 20 years! Stop wasting your money on cheap hemp flower with over inflated prices. It's about time you put some respect on your lungs!

Sure there are CBD shops all over Brooklyn and NYC, but there is one problem. Most of these shops are stocked with low quality hemp flowers and white labeled CBD products.

Imagine being able to order true craft hemp buds and artisanal CBD products like tinctures and salves right to your door. And you don't even have to leave your house to buy hemp cannabis online! Stop being disappointed by run of the mill CBD and try something from the top shelf!

Read our Google reviews and you will see that we are a hemp flower farm that is a cut above. This is our passion, not just a profession. We hand craft every hemp nug and glass jar cure them for over 60 days.

Have you smoked hemp flower, but the taste was devoid of terpenes and actual flavor? So have we. That's why we offer hemp buds that look just like premium cannabis, except that they have less than .3% THC and are 50 state legal. Whether you make hemp tea or your own edibles with our flower, you will notice a drastic difference in quality.

Our belief is quality over quantity and top notch customer service. Order a CBD delivery or place an online order and receive premium CBD in 2-3 days. If you want same day CBD delivery, then note the neighborhoods below that we service. You are a couple clicks away from pain and stress relief!

Brooklyn CBD Delivery Neighborhoods

  • Park Slope
  • Ft Greene
  • Sunset Park
  • Bayridge
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Downtown
  • Bed Stuy
  • Clinton Hill
  • Red Hook
  • Caroll Gardens

Don't wait! Order some top shelf hemp nugs today. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. It doesn't get much better than same day CBD delivery. Get ready to relax NYC! Stop seaching "high CBD pre rolls near me" and try DLO!


Check out some of our smokable hemp products. We carry a range of products, including CBD Bubble Hash and pre rolls. This is high quality hemp, with lab results available for all of our products.

Please note that we are an organic hemp company - we don't sell weed products. You won't find THC vapes, or even delta 8 THC products. While the legal status of Delta 8 is still approved in some states, we don't offer these products as they can't really be considered organic. Plus, we just don't think they're safe.

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