What Makes Dreamland Organics Hemp Flower Better?


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At Dreamland Organics hemp flower farm, we do things a little bit different than most other hemp farms. First and foremost, we grow strictly 100% organic hemp and our focus is terpene rich smokable hemp bud.

Most industrial hemp farms grow for biomass (hemp meant for CBD extraction) and simply cut the tops off of those low quality plants and machine trim the main colas. Since many industrial farms grow on such a large scale, they do not have enough labor, or drying/curing space to produce a high grade hemp flower. The consumer is often confused by huge industrial hemp farms claiming to sell "craft hemp" and using misleading packaging and advertising to complete the sale. The reality is this hemp is extremely low grade and not in any way artisanal.

Compare that with Dreamland Organics where we hand feed, harvest and hang dry our exclusive cultivars, not commercial strains bred for high yield. Our hemp strains are bred for unique terpene profiles and an overall enjoyable smoking experience. We dry our hemp plants in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, over a 12-15 day period. Our hemp buds are then cured in large bins, hand trimmed and further cured in glass jars for a minimum of 6 weeks, where they will remain until purchased.

Producing decent looking hemp flower is fairly easy, producing incredibly smooth, increasingly loud hemp fire, is a task that took years to master. With over 20 years of cannabis/hemp growing experience under our belt, we are hard to compete with in regards to quality.

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At Dreamland Organics, we realize we could grow a lot more lower quality hemp and make a lot more profit, however we are not here to make money with low quality hemp buds. Our reputation and the satisfaction of our customers is paramount and we simply do not cut corners. We do the hard work others are unwilling to do and we demand a higher price point.

What we guarantee our customers, is a second to none hemp smoke, that will not only relax and relieve you, but excite you with mouthwatering flavor. What fun is smoking a high CBD strain, if it tastes like cardboard? Terpenes are present in hemp plants and in all plants for a reason, both therapeutic and aesthetic.

As to who has the best hemp flower, the proof is in the puff. Try Dreamland Organics hemp flower today and see if you notice the difference in flavor and in the additional entourage effect, which is brought about by our high terpene content.

Some say we are "The Hemp Flower Kings" and after testing dozens of other hemp flower companies bud, we cannot disagree. We are in it to win it and to keep producing consistent high grade, organic hemp flower for years to come. We may not be the biggest hemp flower brand and at 2 acres, we are certainly not the biggest hemp farm. Maybe that's why we have the best hemp flower, we are not too big to miss small details.

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