Top 5 Craft Hemp Flower Strains - 2021

Sure, most hemp flower enthusiasts have heard of hemp strain names like Surver Haze, Sour Space Candy & Lifter, but what about the craft hemp flower strains? Those aforementioned commercial hemp strains are great, but let's put the spotlight on some lesser known, yet well received hemp cultivars. Just because you haven't tried them, doesn't make these craft hemp flower varieties any less flavorful and effective.

Before we begin, we wanted to make a distinction between "craft" hemp flower strains and "industrial" hemp varieties. "Commercial" or "industrial" really refers to the distribution of these hemp strains. That means that commercial hemp strains are going out to huge farms, in huge numbers and are thus readily available. Craft hemp generally comes from smaller farms, like ours here at Dreamland Organics where we breed our own genetics.

It is entirely possible to grow commercial hemp strains in a craft manner, however we are fortunate enough to have an exclusive genetics pool and unique hemp cultivars. The thing about craft hemp cultivars are you may have to do a little more scouring to come across a rare breed, but that's part of he process. We feel the extra effort is part of the fun in finding the true "fire" hemp strains out there. So don't be afraid to go a few pages deep on your Google "hemp flower" search. You just might find a hidden gem!

We are ranking our Top 5 Hemp Strains based on sales and customer feedback over the last year (2020). We will start with number 5 and finish this article with our M.V.S. (Most Valuable Strain). 

craft hemp flower

5. SAPPHIRE : Indica Hemp Flower : 15% CBD

"Sapphire" is an indica dominant hemp strain with gassy hues of burnt rubber and an over ripe mango finish. The effect is relaxing and calming and perfect for a night in, or with your bedtime tea. A unique terpene profile and a comforting, relaxing effect, make this a special flower to experience.


craft hemp flower


4Green Dream : Sativa Hemp Flower : 12% CBD

"Green Dream", is a sativa dominant, fruit forward hemp cultivar available only at Dreamland Organics. She is a sister strain of "Selene" with a more papaya, than citrus nose. A gassy undertone highlights a terpene rich hemp strain that calms and allows for clear thoughts. The bud structure is fluffy, yet dense and full of frosty trichomes. Sticky, icky alert! This strain can be used day or night and will be sure to keep your dreams green and full of fruitful life!


craft hemp bud


3. Dream Fuel : Hybrid Hemp Flower : 13% CBD

"Dream Fuel" is an indica dominant, hybrid hemp strain available only at Dreamland Organics. This exclusive hemp cultivar smells of a gas leak at a smoothie shop. Heavy fuel overtones, with an over-ripe fruit basket finish, will have craft flower connoisseurs stuck to the jar, like a bloodhound fresh on the trail! 

  The effect of Dream Fuel can be uplifting, with an intense hit of chill. The onset is instantaneous, allowing the user to regulate the desired dose with ease. Perfect for taking the edge off and allowing one to get focused on the day ahead, or for settling down for a relaxing night at home prior to a blissful sleep. 


organic hemp flower


2. Epic Sunrise : Sativa Hemp Flower : 15% CBD

"Epic Sunrise", a sativa dominant, limonene-laced beauty which is reminiscent of haze, but with a cheesy, skunky underlay. The aroma is of grapefruit mixed with parmesan. The effect is a light, subtle calm, sans the sleepy time vibes. A great "day smoke", a few puffs of this lil' lady will have your sunrises "Epic" and chill.

craft hemp flower

1. Immortal : Hybrid Hemp Flower : 15% CBD

 "Immortal" is one of the terpene kings from this list, with a fragrance of grape jam and a hybrid hemp effect. The hemp buds are covered in resinous CBD flower goodness and at 15%, she packs a punch, both in flavor and effect! This hemp nug will satisfy even the most discerning flower smoker and is a delightful puff for newbies alike. You can use this flower as a day or night smoke, as it is powerful, yet functional, while keeping you chill at all times. Enjoy a puff of this craft hemp cultivar and you too will feel, "Immortal!".

Top 5 Craft Hemp Flower Strains

  • Immortal
  • Epic Sunrise
  • Dream Fuel
  • Green Dream
  • Sapphire


 Stay tuned, as next year there will surely be many more craft hemp flower strains added to the gene pool, as breeders, like us here at Dreamland Organics, continue to create new hemp cultivars. Happy craft hemp hunting!

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