The Benefits Of Growing Hemp Buds In Living Soil

 What Is Living Soil and Why It Grows Craft Hemp Flower?

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So what is living soil? Well, simple answer, it's soil that is alive, obviously. "But aren't all soils "alive", you ask? No, some soils are not alive actually. Let me explain why we use living soil for our hemp plants, here at Dreamland Organics hemp flower farms and why it matters.

In nature, most soils would be considered "alive", meaning they have microbial life. When growers or farmers use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, they actually kill off the life in the soil and the soil itself essentially becomes an inert growing medium. From this point liquid nutrients would need to be added, or the plant would die.

At DLO, we use a more simplistic method of feeding the soil, not our hemp plants per se. This creates a healthy ecosystem underground, allowing microbes to break down organic matter in the soil and allowing the plants to feed freely as they wish. In a living soil the plant gains nutrition as it needs is, whereas when the microbes are killed off, the grower force feeds the plant nutrients with liquid fertilizer.

The reason why we prefer the living soil method is it is easier, more cost effective and produces better hemp flower. The plants are better able to express themselves and terpene production is ramped up, along with other cannabinoids. Rather than deal with PH issues and worrying about burning our hemp plants with synthetic fertilizers, we prefer to give our plants compost teas which inoculate the soil with microbial life and provide a full spectrum of nutrients. These nutrients which are broken down by the microbes are bioavailable to the plants whenever they need them.

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In the end we spend less on fertilizer, get more terpene rich hemp buds and don't have to worry about flushing our soil prior to harvest. Our craft hemp flower is not full of chemicals or excessive amounts of nutrients and minerals, which could alter the taste. There is simply nothing to flush out, since we only added living organic matter!

If you are interested in reading more on the subject, I suggest reading "True Living Organics" by The Rev, who is also the grow editor of Skunk Magazine.

Now you have one of the secrets as to why Dreamland Organics has some of the best CBD Hemp Flower on the planet. It's all in the microbes baby! We just give our craft hemp plants a happy, healthy environment and let nature do what it does best, amaze us!

Benefits Of Growing Hemp Buds In Living Soil

  • More Terpenes
  • Hemp Plants Don't Get Burned By Nutrients
  • Larger Yield In Some Cases
  • Better Flavor
  • Smoother Smoke (White Ash)

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