Is CBG Good For Anxiety?

While there's still not a ton of research, the early evidence on CBG is pretty consistent. It seems that CBG has a lot of neurological benefits. One specific benefit? CBG is good for anxiety.

CBG displays strong anti-anxiety properties. This makes it a great choice for people who are looking at hemp to treat anxiety problems. While CBD does seem to work on anxiety somewhat, it seems like CBG might turn out to be a better solution. 

What Is CBG?

CBG, like CBD, is derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants can be considered marijuana or hemp, depending on the level of THC in the plant. Marijuana has CBG, CBD, and a number of other cannabinoids present. It also has higher levels of THC, which is what causes the high marijuana is known for.

Hemp, meanwhile, also has CBG, CBD, and other cannabinoids. But it has low levels of THC - not enough to make you feel stoned. That's why it's legal in all 50 states. That's also why hemp is growing in popularity with people who want the medical and health benefits of CBG and CBD - without the intoxication of THC.

Why Is CBG Good For Anxiety?

CBG operates with two receptors in the brain. It binds and stimulates them into action. One result of this is easing anxiety and pain. It also helps to manage your mood. Both CBD and CBG impact these receptors, though they each work a bit differently. 

CBG also increases dopamine levels, which are another reason it can be good for both depression and anxiety. 

cbg binds to receptors brain

It's important to keep in mind that anxiety can include a variety of symptoms. CBG seems to be particularly effective because it addresses many different symptoms of anxiety and related conditions.

For example, CBG can be useful for sleep. People with anxiety tend to have poor sleep; poor sleep tends to make people susceptible to anxiety. It's a vicious cycle - and CBG works to combat both parts.

CBG also works well at relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Once again - these are problems that often accompany anxiety. When these issues are relieved, people generally feel a bit less anxious. Similarly, if you're tense and in pain, you might feel that your anxiety is increased.

It's especially worth noting that many anecdotal reports suggest that CBG is very effective on those with ADHD. If you have ADHD, and struggle with anxiety, evidence currently supports that CBG may be the best answer. 

CBG seems to be adept at improving focus. This may explain why it is such a big help for people with ADHD.

But even people without ADHD often find that they can't focus when they're experiencing stress and anxiety. Again, this seems to have a cycle when it comes to mental health. If you can't focus, you find yourself struggling to keep up or keep track of important things. Then you're more stressed than ever.

anxiety overwhelm cbg treatment

CBG helps you relax, improve focus, boosts energy, and lets you sleep better. It also can relieve pain and relax muscles. All of these things have an effect on your mental well-being, and as a result, can help improve anxiety.

Is CBG Good For More Than Anxiety?

There isn't a lot of research done yet on exactly how CBG works in the brain, or what it might be good for. CBG has only recently started to gain a lot of attention compared to CBD.

In fact, CBG tends to be highest in immature plants. As a result, we didn't understand some of the benefits of CBG - people rarely experienced high levels of CBG in mature plants. Now that we're aware that CBG is desirable for a number of reasons, plant growers have begun to cultivate breeds that reflect higher CBG levels. 

Studies do seem to indicate that CBG can be useful in treating Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease, especially when started in the early stages of these diseases. It protects and prevents brain cell lose. It may also help with motor function in the case of Huntington's.

CBG also seems to be able to help in the case of Multiple Sclerosis. Studies suggest that it keeps immune cells from becoming overactive. And it may be able to actually kill colon cancer cells!

More research is needed to know if CBG is an appropriate therapy for these conditions. These studies, while interesting, are inconclusive.

This is, of course, not meant to replace treatment by a qualified medical professional. If you or someone you know has any of these ailments, please seek the guidance of a doctor. We make no claims that CBG can treat, cure or prevent serious medical conditions. 

How CBG Works On Anxiety

As we've already said, CBG seems to work directly on anxiety. This is because of the way it binds to receptors in the brain. It attaches to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Not only does it provide endocannabinoids to keep these cannabinoid receptors going, but it can stimulate them to create their own.

It also increases GABA absorption better than CBD or THC. GABA is an amino acid - increased absorption calms your central nervous system (which can directly lower your feelings of anxiety).

Some people find that smoking weed, which is higher in THC, can make anxiety worse. In some, THC can overexcite the brains neural pathways. It seems this may be particularly true for people already prone to anxiety. 

That's why using hemp, which is already low in THC, is the best way to take in CBG. However, cultivating hemp for smoking like marijuana is a relatively new practice. It can be hard to find quality sources of smokable hemp which are genuinely high in CBG and low in THC.

What's The Best Smokable Hemp For Anxiety?

We recommend our Lavender CBG exotic hemp strain. It has a lavender, floral, and citrus fruit aroma. It's reminiscent of the cannabis strain "Forbidden Fruit" in phenotype. This CBG cultivar is light and fluffy with a strong calming effect. It has a Sativa structure. 

This versatile and exclusive hemp cultivar kicks in within a few minutes. It feels like a blanket of calm being draped over you. Since it's hemp - not marijuana - you won't feel stoned or intoxicated.  Just relaxed and restful, like you just got a great massage! And it's legal in all 50 states, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. 

It's great for anxiety, depression, indigestion, and insomnia. And it doesn't diminish or reduce your mental clarity, so you can use it throughout the day. Whenever you feel yourself needing a bit of "calm," just turn to Lavender. This strain is 14% CBG.

About Our Products

Like all our products, this is Oregon grown and organic. Here at Dreamland Organics, we are one of the few growers of true, high quality craft hemp. Our products are all top of the line smokable hemp. We grow everything organic - really, truly organic, in living soil.

Our hemp is carefully cultivated, hand trimmed and glass-jar cured for a minimum of 60 days. We don't cut any corners, and our products are lab tested for safety. We only want the absolute best - both in smoke quality and health and safety. After all, we smoke this stuff too!

This isn't industrial hemp - we've spent years working on breeding the absolute best hemp that smokes like marijuana, but meets the low THC requirements to be legal in all 50 states. We don't dabble in poor quality industrial hemp or try to sell you the junk "trim" that's leftover. Like we always say, we grow and sell hemp that "puts some respect on your lungs!"

Alternatives To Smoking Hemp

You can find other sources of CBG if you don't like the idea of smoking it. We recommend smokable hemp for anxiety because it's fast acting. Anxiety is rarely something you can anticipate, so it's hard to know in advance when you'll need to treat anxiety.

Smokable hemp enters the blood stream quickly. It's got a higher absorption and bio-availability than other methods, and can help you feel "chill" almost immediately.

But some people treat anxiety every day. They don't need immediate, fast working methods to combat occasional bursts of anxiety. They need something they can use every single day, like in the case of chronic, generalized anxiety.

For this, you need cannabis products that maintain a fairly consistent level in the body with regular dosing. Smoking is still effective, but many people prefer other methods instead.

CBG oils work well to keep steady levels. They can stay in the bloodstream for a couple days, and are meant to be taken regularly. You want to reach an appropriate level to feel the therapeutic effects - and keep it there. 

It can take awhile to kick in, around an hour or so. But if you apply it under the tongue, it will absorb faster - sometimes as soon as 15 minutes. It'll last for several hours, though you'll need to take it more than once a day to remain at a therapeutic level.

Other methods like lotions and salves can also be effective. Again, you won't absorb it fast enough to notice immediately.  But by taking it regularly, it'll build in your system. Once it reaches an adequate level, the goal is to keep topping off that "ideal" level. 



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