CBD Hemp Flower Benefits : What Is Hemp Flower Good For?

How To Use Hemp Flowers

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Benefits Of Hemp Flower

CBD hemp buds seem to be all the rage these days, with tens of thousands of new users every month, but such was not the case a few short years ago. When we first began growing hemp in 2018, the main purpose was to grow biomass for extraction, not smokable hemp flower. Fast forward a few years later and now even cannabis smokers incorporate hemp nugs in to their medicating regimen. Let's take a look at how and why so many people are choosing to smoke hemp flower, instead of just ingesting it.


 One of the main benefits of smoking hemp flower is the fact that it is unprocessed and raw. This allows the the user to experience the cannabinoids in their true, unadulterated form and feel "the entourage effect". The entourage effect occurs when the symbiosis of all the cannabinoids and terpenes are present, to play off each other. It is believed that full spectrum hemp extracts and of course the raw hemp buds, provide an enhanced experience over isolated plant compounds.

Benefit # 2 : EASY DOSING

 Another advantage of smoking hemp flower, over ingesting it, is the ability to properly dose. When smoking, the effects are near immediate, so the hemp user can regulate how much effect they desire rather easily. Compare that with edibles or CBD products ingested through the skin, where the effect may take several minutes, or up to an hour to take effect. With these types of CBD products, it is often quite difficult to assess the level of medication needed and several attempts may be needed to gauge the proper dose.

Benefit # 3 : ASTHETICS 

 The truth is many people simply enjoy smoking CBD Flower. From the grinding of the hemp buds, to rolling and smoking them, the whole process is in itself a form of therapy. The act of smoking alone, can be considered calming to many people. It is interesting that honey producers use smoke to calm honey bees, before harvesting the honey. I guess us humans are also calmed by smoke, specifically CBD Hemp Flower or cannabis smoke. The process of smoking hemp after a long day, can be more meditative that just ingesting CBD. Consider the difference between taking a shot of liquor, versus slowly sipping a fine glass of wine.

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 Benefit # 4 : SPEED

 In addition to being able to regulate your dose of CBD, smoking hemp flower also allows the user to quickly feel the effects. Imagine you have a blaring migraine, or joint pain, or anxiety. Ingesting CBD may take 30-45 minutes, but you want relief right now! Smoking a hemp flower pre roll, will allow the user to quickly feel the effects and get on with their day. As they say, "time is money".

 Benefit # 5 : FLAVOR

Hemp terpenes themselves provide an element of aromatherapy. When smoking a truly flavorful hemp bud, like the hemp strains from Dreamland Organics, one can not only get a dose of CBD, but the terpenes also provide and extra boost of enjoyment and relief. Terpenes have different effects, from calming, to energizing and increase the experience of smoking hemp flower.


It's easy to see why smoking hemp nugs has become the most popular way to take CBD over the last few years. With the aforementioned benefits and the use of smokable hemp flower as a tobacco cigarette replacement, hemp joints are quickly becoming an industry unto themselves. We recommend trying a hemp flower sampler pack, if you are new to smoking hemp buds. That way you can find out which terpene profiles your prefer and what effects you desire most. CBD flower benefits far outweigh any downside if and only if you smoke 100% organic bud. Happy hemp smoking everyone, until next time. Put some respect on your lungs!


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