Brooklyn CBD Delivery Now Available!

We are super excited to now offer CBD delivery Brooklyn! If you live within 5 miles of our delivery hub, Park Slope, Brooklyn, then you can get same day delivery of DLO's hemp flower and craft CBD products.

Feeling stressed Park Slope? Need CBD pre rolls NYC? Curious about the benefits of CBD flower. Order online or select same day Brooklyn CBD delivery and take the edge off! We feel like CBD and hemp delivery should come with every lease signing in Park Slope!

As those of us who have lived in NYC know, it can get quite stressful, especially in this day and age. But fear not, Dreamland Organics has the perfect remedy for a "Manic Monday", or any day for that matter.

Take the edge off with some premium, organic hemp flower or craft CBD tincture or CBD salve. In no time your stresses will melt away and allow you to cope with city life like a boss.

Right now we only have one delivery courier, but we are looking to expand as the service grows, which will allow us greater reach to more neighborhoods. For now if you live in Brooklyn, we got you covered! CBD delivery in Brooklyn is just a call away!

Select CBD Delivery Brooklyn from our drop down menu and get your chill on, same day! We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to experience our premium hemp buds and craft CBD products. No more white label CBD tinctures and low quality CBD Buds from the local "CBD Shop". Now you can get the top shelf CBD you desire direct to your door.

Avoid the hustle and bustle and sit back and enjoy NYC's premier CBD Delivery from DLO. It's going to be a chill day, just relax and know that we will be at your door in under an hour. Now that's something that should lower your anxiety and make it a good day. Make it a "DLO Day" and smile. We love NYC, show yourself some love and "Put Some Respect On Your Lungs!" NYC needs CBD.



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