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Our Green Dream strain is a sativa dominant CBD flower strain bred exclusively by Dreamland Organics. Inspired by the cannabis strain of the same name, this premium hemp flower strain has a fruity papaya like nose and uplifting effects. The buds are fluffy, yet dense and when grinded, make a perfect flower joint. Let's look at some of the characteristics and benefits of Green Dream CBD and also compare the similarities and differences to the cannabis strain.

Green Dream Cannabis Strain

Green Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid made by crossing Blue Dream and Green Crack. The name Green Dream is due to its terpene profile, which is similar to green tea and also because it has Blue Dream as one of its parents. Green Dream's nose is sour, sweet and fruity. It has light orange hairs and is covered in crystals, like all premium flowers.

The taste on the exhale is smooth and pleasant and is a perfect pre roll option. The effects of this strain are fun, energetic and mood enhancing. With an healthy high THC level of 24 percent, Green Dream packs a serious sativa punch. This hybrid is works great for stress, in addition to being helpful for depression.

Benefits of Green Dream Strain

  • stress reliever, mood enhancer
  • treats chronic fatigue
  • improves work performance
  • increases imagination and creativity
  • The best hemp flower for energy

Characteristics Of Green Dream Cannabis Strain

This sativa-dominant hybrid produces some classic massive colas, with tight buds, which are compact and dense, and covered in trichomes. Green Dream buds have a sour and slightly fruity smell.

Green Dream’s smoke tastes of pinene on the exhale. The cannabinoid content of Green Dream tests as high as 24% THC.

 This strain works well for pain management and stress relief.  A puff of Green Dream will stimulate creativity, minimize depression or low moods, and may reduce anxiety. Recommended for day time use, especially from smokers who need an extra boost in their morning routine.

Green Dream CBD Flower

At Dreamland Organics, we bred this CBD flower version as an anxiety reducing, great tasting hemp bud for daytime use. It is one of our most popular hemp buds and has been a pleasure to grow. We decided to name it Green Dream, as it closely mimics the high THCA strain in both appearance and effects.

Some CBD breeders use cannabis strains to create a hemp flower strain, but this is not the case with our hemp strain. The genetic parentage of our Green dream strain is unknown, but we do know it is a sister strain of Selene, one of our other premium CBD flower strains. We are working to determine the lineage of our breeding stock, but as we have previously spoke about, our genetics were inherited from a local breeder who is no longer in the industry.

Green Dream CBD strain has a papaya nose, with a gassy undertone and has the perfect hybrid bud structure to roll the perfect CBD flower joint. We recommend this for newbie hemp flower smokers, as it is not overwhelming in effects and produces a happy effect. If you are new to craft hemp flower and are interested in trying the benefits of organic CBD, we suggest this hemp strain.

How To Use Green Dream CBD Buds

Planning a day trip, or a hike in the woods, great Green Dream is the perfect day smoke. Great for social activities and boosting your mood, this hemp strain is considered a "happy smoke", which allows your mind to remain focused and clear. That is not to say that you cannot smoke Green Dream to wind down, it's just that it does not induce sleep as much as our indica hemp strains, like  our Kimbo Kush strain. You can also learn more about how to use specific hemp strains and hemp nugs in one of our other blogs.

If you are not into smoking hemp buds, this premium flower makes a great hemp tea. Simply steep some buds in hot water along with a soluble fat to extract the cannabinoids, to create a great medicating CBD tea. We recommend coconut oil, as the flavor is great and also effectively absorbs the cannabinoids and terpenes for great bioavailability.

You can also make edibles with this hemp strain, such as brownies or CBD cookies, if you have a sweet tooth. The process is requires you to make CBD butter or coconut oil prior to adding it to the batter. We will be making a coconut oil "how to" in a future post, so stay tuned for that!

Benefits of Green Dream CBD Strain

  • Stress relief, anti depressant
  • Energy boost, wards off lethargy
  • Boosts creativity and artistic expression
  • Reduces anxiety
  • High in terpinolene strain



Green Dream CBD buds are a great day smoke bursting with a tropical fruit flavor (papaya) and energetic effects. Consider this sativa dominant hybrid for outdoor activities, getting work done at home, or just unwinding with friends for a CBD smoke sash.

You can only get Green Dream CBD buds at Dreamland Organics so try a bag and let us know what you think! Happy smoking and put some respect on your lungs!

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