Croptober Hemp Flower Farm Harvest Update

Croptober Is Here!

Most cannabis and hemp flower consumers are familiar with weed holidays like 420 and 710, but there is another west coast tradition that us at Dreamland Organics celebrate to it's fullest, Croptober! For us, this is our favorite holiday and even trumps Christmas and Thanksgiving, which we actually call "Danksgiving". Yes we are flower nerds and we love everyhting to do with organic buds. But unless you have experience with cannabis and hemp farming, or know someone who does, you probably have never heard of Croptober, so we will break down the tradition.

Croptober In Oregon!

During October and even spanning into the early weeks of November, cannabis and hemp crops across the Northern Hemisphere are ready for the long awaited harvest. While some hemp strains that may flower earlier in September or later in November, about 80% to 85% of hemp strains are ready to harvest during the common October cycle.

After months of anticipation and providing tender loving care over hemp plants, outdoor growers will be spending most of late October chopping, drying, curing, and hand trimming their fresh bounty of organic buds. After that massive amounts of hemp buds from outdoor grows makes its way onto retail and delivery menus, where consumers eventually get to reap the benefits of Croptober, as well.  

croptober hemp strain

What Is Croptober?

"Croptober" is the term we use in the hemp and cannabis industry here on the west coast to mark the start of harvest season. It's a fusion of "crops" and "October" when most of us harvest our grow for the season. This is undoubtedly one of our favorite times of year. On our hemp farm the smell of terpene rich top shelf CBD flower wasps through the air! It's an amazing time indeed. We wish you could all be here to experience the joy...and help us harvest..LOL. Yeah, it's a lot of work! But it's definitely a labor of love.

What Does Croptober Mean for Hemp Growers?

The significance of the Croptober mainly depends on the type of grow setup that is being used. For outdoor growers such as Dreamland Organics, this is the time that they've all been waiting for since the previous harvest. This is the time for outdoor bud to shine, the time of the year where outdoor plants are sprouting beautiful trichome crystal drenched buds that emit a pungent aroma.

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“It's a weed celebration because everyone reaches fruition of the grow cycle. You get the full effect of what it's like to have a field of hemp or cannabis remitting aromatic terpenes in the cool autumn air, and people get to see the quality of your hard work.

Croptober marks the September, October, and November season when outdoor bud growers reap the rewards of their summer labor.

The main benefit of Croptober for outdoor growers is apparent. This is the time of year where the benefits of their hard work, which begin early in the spring, finally come to fruition. Fields of herb plants are harvested and eventually sold to dispensaries or in our case online at

This is a delicate time for outdoor growers, as they must be prepared for hail or rainstorms that could cause mold or bud rot to destroy their flowering buds. In order to avoid these pitfalls, which could cause an outdoor cultivator to not make back production costs for the season, smart hemp growers strategize to grow several hemp strains that are ready to harvest during different times of the month.  Some strains will finish earlier than others and that helps to stagger the harvest as well.

Back when we were growing indoors, we did not have to worry about rain or wind which could down our precious plants. We were actually more worried about our door being knocked down. Inside joke for legacy growers. But I digress.

After 5 season of outdoor flower production under our belt, we at Dreamland Organics have grown to love growing outdoors. While their may be a bit more variables and things to look out for, being in nature all day is way more healthy than being locked in a grow room. Sure indoor buds look pretty with all those trichomes that have not been weatherized, but they also do not have the same terpene production as the outdoor bud we know grow. We actually still grow a bit indoors, mostly for phone hunting and seed projects, but sungrown bud is definitely what nature intended and we love it.

Croptober In Dreamland

So with that said..Happy Croptober everyone! We just wanted to update you guys on our craft hemp flower farm harvest here at Dreamland Organics nature reserve. Despite wild fires & global turmoil, we have been truly blessed!

We saw no damage from any of the wildfires here on the west coast, as we were amazingly seated safely away from any of those fires, or the debris which blanketed many other farms. While other farmers lost infrastructure and smokable hemp flower due to smoke and debris damage, we came out unscathed with high quality, terpene rich hemp buds.

We have introduced several new hemp strains along with a few of your favorite hemp strains like Immortal. We are also doing a selective CBD flower breeding project this winter, entailing crossing our old genetics, with our new genetics, to develop hemp strains which are both terpene forward and suited for the specific grow conditions on the craft hemp flower farm. Stay tuned as we "pheno hunt" and select the terpiest, best growing hemp strains for you to enjoy!

We thank everyone for their concern and want to let you all know that Dreamland Organics appreciates each and every visitor to our site. We look forward to bringing you the best tasting, organic, glass jar cured hemp nugs you find online. We encourage you to share your experience with our products with us and your friends alike. We love your feedback and always aim to exceed your expectation. 

Stay blessed!

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The DLO Team

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