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the dangers of delta 8 thc

 UPDATE: 3/10/22

The dangers Of Delta 8 thc

How Is Delta 8 THC Produced?

So it looks like things got even worse for you delta 8 enthusiasts out there, as  we recently received more information on how this minor cannabinoid is "created". Yes, we said created, not extracted. We received an update on "artificially derived cannabinoids" from the ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture) and their legality. When we saw the term "artificially derived", we said, "huh", how do you do that? Well, if you like delta 8, you don't want to know. Yes, the truth hurts, but we feel we must share our findings.

We previously thought that delta 8 was only extracted from waste hemp and cannabis (i.e, hot hemp, or cannabis which failed testing), using carcinogenic acids, but it turns out it is far worse. They are actually using these acids to change the chemical composition of delta 9 THC and alter it to appear as delta 8 THC. See this article from the FDA explaining the health risks of Delta 8 THC.

This way these scrupulous geniuses can circumvent the law and avoid the regulations of the 2018 Farm Bill, as it only mentions delta 9 THC in the verbiage for determining hemp legality. As it presently stands the bill states, that cannabis with less than .3% delta 9 THC is legal in all 50 states, as it is considered hemp.

So someone decided to skirt around the law and alchemically change delta 9 to delta 8 with acid, so you could "legally" sell it online. The only problem is delta 8 is psychoactive and it didn't take long for law enforcement to catch on. We recently were informed by Shopify, that delta 8 is prohibited on the platform. I'm usually not a proponent of regulations, but in this case I have to agree. In addition, the delta 8 industry is putting honest cannabis farms out of business, since they use hemp, usually waste hemp, to convert the CBD to THC.

I see all kinds of CBD companies peddling delta 8 products, like sprayed delta 8 hemp flower, delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 gummies. Some of these CBD companies even claim to have the good "organic" delta 8, which is laughable. Delta 8 is about as organic as FD&C Yellow #2 food coloring. You're being lied to folks, plain and simple. These are NOT organic buds.

There are other artificially derived cannabinoids popping up as well, like CBN and THC-O. See the screenshots below. Hopefully, this sheds some light on some of the shady dealings going on in the hemp industry, so remember where you heard this first. We have received a lot of flack for exposing the dangers of Delta 8 THC, but we feel it's important to expose them, to protect our customers.

the dangers of delta 8 thc
the dangers of delta 8 thc

We are a 100% ORGANIC CBD company and stand by our standards and morals. We caught flack with our original post, as some delta 8 lovers out there were clearly triggered by the truth. Now, the truth about delta 8 just got worse! We were called "conspiracy theorists" who were pushing "propaganda", amongst other things like, "haters", or just mad that other hemp companies were prospering from delta 8 sales.

Here's the truth, we were approached by several delta 8 white label companies who wanted to sell us delta 8 gummies, vape carts and delta 8 sprayed CBD flower. The profit margins were great, but one problem, we were not interested. We could have jumped aboard the delta 8 train and reaped the financial benefits as well, but at what cost? We were not about to ruin our reputation as the top organic hemp flower and CBD company online, for a few extra bucks. We were also not about to poison our customers for money! Further more, we were not about to risk our whole brand by selling something which is psychoactive, when there are no national cannabis laws in place to protect us.

So once again, sorry, but not sorry, you won't be buying delta 8 products at Dreamland Organics and maybe those other CBD companies you frequent are not who they say they are. Time for a reality check, most CBD companies care about one thing and one thing only. Money, Sad but true. Choose wisely folks, not everyone is a piece of sh!t.

Original Article:

The Truth About Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC seems to be all the rage, with numerous CBD companies adding D8 products to their catalog, so we thought we should weigh in on the topic. First off, what is Delta 8 THC? Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. It is similar to Delta 9 THC, but has a slightly less potent effect.

Delta 8 THC is usually extracted from hemp buds and it took us doing some research, to figure out what was going on with the current craze over this minor cannabinoid. It usually only occurs in minute amounts, so we wondered why people would bother isolating it for so called "legal" products.

Turns out it is only "technically legal", as it does actually produce a slightly psychoactive effect. Unlike CBD, Delta 8 THC does get you high. However, under the 2018 Farm Bill, the term Delta 8 THC is not mentioned, unlike Delta 9 THC. Thus, someone came up with the idea to extract Delta 8 THC primarily from "waste hemp" that could otherwise not be used. 

What is "waste hemp" you ask? Well waste hemp is either moldy, hot ( >.3 THC and technically cannabis), hemp that didn't pass pesticide tests, or otherwise sh*tty hemp you would never want to consume. Why is this genius? You turn, your loss in to profits! Why is it messed up? Well, because you are selling garbage and potentially dangerous products to unknowing consumers. But it gets worse...

Not only is Delta 8 THC usually extracted from low grade, illegal, sometimes toxic hemp, it is also extracted with carcinogenic acids. Did we just say cancer causing acids were used to extract Delta 8 from "waste hemp". Yes we said that. It looks like the delta 8 dangers far outweigh the benefits.

the dangers of delta 8 thc

So you might understand why an "Organic AF" company like Dreamland Organics doesn't offer delicious Delta 8 gummies or Delta 8 vape carts to our beloved customers. It's because we think carcinogenic acids and "organics" don't get along. So we steer clear of that impending sh*t show.

We have been contacted several times by Delta 8 THC white label companies offering us gummies, carts and even delta 8 flower? What that is, we have no idea? But we ain't buying it. We care more about our integrity than profits, as the margins are beneficial to the seller of these unresearched "Franken-products".

UPDATE: Delta 8 flower is when they spray moldy, industrial waste hemp with delta 8 for you to smoke. Unbelievable!

We'll stick to what we know like terpene rich, organic CBD & CBG buds that have been grown in living soil and are glass jar cured and hand trimmed. Call us old school, or call us cancerous acid haters, but we ain't got time for all that. We have too many terpenes to contain in these glass jars and too much full spectrum CBD bubble hash to make. I kid you not. I literally have to go stir another batch.

So now that you are aware of the dangers of Delta 8 THC, might now be a good time to "Put Some Respect On Your Lungs' and try Dreamland Organics?

Stay Blessed!

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