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  • What Is The Best CBD Strain For Pain and Inflammation?

    Are you suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, or a neurological disease like Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy? If so, then perhaps you have considered trying out CBD flower.
  • Best 3 Sativa CBD Strains To Buy Online | Craft Hemp Flower

    Sativa CBD flowers are the most organic and natural way to derive the uplifting and energizing benefits of CBD. Although all craft hemp flowers are useful for optimizing the benefits of CBD naturally and without the THC high, sativa CBD strains are best utilized for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and lethargy—or for those who simply want a little energetic boost throughout the day.
  • Top Indica CBD Flower Strains To Buy Online | Indica Craft Hemp Flower

    Indica CBD flowers are the best way to utilize the benefits and relaxation qualities of CBD. Indica strains offer the best benefits for those looking to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety—or for those who simply just want to relax and chill out with some tasty craft hemp flowers.
  • Indica CBD vs Sativa CBD | A Guide To Craft Hemp Flower Strains

    At Dreamland Organics, we know a thing or two about growing CBD flowers, both indica and sativa. As such, we’ve compiled a guide for you to help you better understand the benefits, uses, and advantages of each type of hemp flower plant over the other. We have also compiled a list of some of our favorite CBD strains from each type of plant in order to help you along your CBD flower search
  • Why Craft Hemp Flower Is Better | Artisan Hemp Flower Facts

    When we at Dreamland Organics transitioned from craft cannabis growing, to craft hemp flower production, the pivot was an easy one. After all, hemp is cannabis, just with less THC than traditional cannabis strains. We literally changed nothing except our genetics. The same cannot be said for many growers entering the hemp space.