What Are CBD Pre Rolls? Why People Love Them


Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned user of smokable hemp, pre-rolled CBD cigarettes are a convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD. But you might have some questions.

Is hemp-derived CBD legal? How do you smoke it? What are CBD pre rolls and how do you pick the best one? We’ll cover all this and more, so keep reading to learn the basics of pre-rolled CBD.

Are Hemp Flower And CBD Pre-Rolls Legal?

Thanks to the Farm Act of 2018, hemp flowers are perfectly legal! Legal hemp is defined as  containing less than .3 THC. THC’s long name is delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol. THC is the psychoactive compound that makes you feel “high”.

Because these levels of THC are so low, hemp won’t make you feel high or stoned. You can stay fully in control of your faculties, but still enjoy the benefits of CBD, other cannabinoids like CBG, and terpenes. We like to compare it to aromatherapy – it’ll give you some euphoria, but never make you feel intoxicated.

Need more help understanding the difference between hemp and marijuana? We explain it here. Also, while CBD may be legal, we won't make a sale to persons under the age of 18.

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What Are The Benefits Of CBD Pre Rolls?

There’s lots of ways to take in CBD. A variety of hemp products are available in today's market. You can smoke CBD in a pre-roll, put it into edibles, take it as a CBD oil, make tea, and more. No matter how you choose to take it, there are lots of great health and medical benefits to hemp!

Common ones include:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Reducing inflammation – (and the anti-inflammatory properties can even help treat acne, some studies suggest!) 
  • Boosting or improving your mood
  • Pain management or pain reduction
  • May have neuroprotective properties, which means it can help those with neurological disorders like epilepsy or MS.
  • Can lower high blood pressure – in fact recent research shows a number of heart healthy benefits!

As always, while studies may support these potential benefits, these claims have yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We aren't doctors. Our opinions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use CBD for major health issues without also receiving proper medical care. If you have a serious health concern like MS or epilepsy, discuss whether CBD may be right for you with your health care provider.

    What Is A CBD Pre-Roll?

    CBD hemp pre-rolls, are just CBD flower joints that you don’t have to roll yourself. For this reason, it’s one of the easiest ways for a new user to enjoy smokable hemp flowers. Long-time veteran users often like it as well – it’s a staple for many people, because it’s just so easy as a “go-to” for CBD.

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    You can just take out your pre-rolled cigarette, light up, and enjoy! No mess, no fuss, no tedious rolling, grinding, or packing. Many people prefer smokable hemp, as it has higher bioavailability than other methods. This means your body can take in more CBD, so you get greater benefits – or more bang for your buck! Smoking also means that it starts working faster than other common ways of ingesting CBD, like edibles.

    Smokable hemp flowers are a fast-growing industry, because of how it works better and faster in the body. Not only this, but it's cheaper to manufacture since extraction isn't required. Pre-rolled flower joints are a significant part of this growth, since many consumers love the convenience.

    If you'd rather roll your own, you can check out our tips here.

    What Are The Best Pre Rolled CBD Cigarettes?

    We think there’s a couple key points that make a product a winner here at Dreamland Organics.

    • Organic and safe – As always, our flowers and hemp nugs themselves are the best quality out there. This is craft hemp flower grown in living soil, organically and hand fed in small batches for the best results. They are then glass jar cured for 45 days before being rolled. We believe in the best, safest products here at Dreamland Organics – after all, we smoke this stuff too!
    • Convenient and easy to use – Our cured pre-rolls are rolled in a super-thin, organic hemp paper cone with a filter. This means they’re ready to smoke right out of the package!
    • Great quality and flavor – Our pre-rolls have incredibly sweet and aromatic terpenes for the absolute best in flavor. We use premium hemp flowers with no shake or trim. And what we sell is an infused pre roll - we've added CBD kief for extra potency and terpenes. Plus, since our rolled hemp is hermetically sealed, you don’t have to worry about it staying fresh.

    Our hemp flower pre-rolls are a mixture of all of our CBD strains, which we call our “Dreamland Blend”. This is terpene rich, high CBD, top shelf stuff. Like all legal hemp, it meets the criteria of having  .3 THC, or less. It's made from our organic, hand trimmed hemp nugs, which have been glass jar cured for at least 60 days.

    This blend is the perfect smoke for day or night. You can smoke it to wake up in the morning, or to relax before bedtime. These are great CBD prerolls for anxiety, insomnia, and more. Consider it a terpene fruit punch with an extra shot of CBD kief!

    What Is CBD Kief?

    CBD kief is the dried resins of the hemp plant. We extract the plant resins, which contain concentrated levels of CBD, by dry sifting flower through a fine micron screen. The result is almost pure hemp resin, with very little plant material contained. Adding this concentration to our prerolls enhances both potency and flavor, as there is an increased amount of plant terpenes and CBD content.

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    How Big Is A CBD Pre Roll?

    As you might expect, this can vary a lot between companies. From what we can tell, many other sites sell pre-rolls anywhere from .5 -.9 grams. Ours are a full gram (and we add in kief for an extra kick!). You can buy a single cigarette or a pack of 5 pre-rolls.

    How Much Do CBD Pre Rolls Cost?

    Like most things, you get what you pay for. You can get a pretty cheap, low potency pack of 20 for as little as $12 or so. But it’s not going to be a great smoke, and you might not even be sure what all you’re inhaling – can you trust that it’s organic and safe, when it’s such low quality? Single cigarettes or joints run somewhere around $7.

    A more “standard” quality pack will run you somewhere around $30-$45. But our pre-rolled joints aren’t “standard” at all – we sell the highest quality stuff, and still keep our prices competitive with those “average” CBD pre-rolls. If you want to know more about why our products are such superior quality, check out what makes Dreamland Organic better.

    How Do You Make Your CBD Pre-Rolls?

    We begin by grinding the small buds from our organic, craft hemp nugs. We then take the grinded CBD flower and sift out the majority of the stem material with a fine metal mesh screen. What comes through the screen is mostly freshly ground hemp flowers with very little stem material. Stems have a very harsh taste when burned, so that is part of the reason many of the hemp flower pre rolls you have tried have been harsh.

    The other reason for an unpleasant smoke is most CBD companies use trim or shake in their pre rolls. To add to the harshness, most hemp farms spray their plants with synthetic pesticides. To top it off, most hemp flower pre rolls are made from the shake and trim of improperly dried and cured industrial hemp flower. Most of the terpenes have been burned off during drying, so the source material is low quality. When you add all of those factors, it's no wonder that hemp flower pre rolls get a bad rap for tasting horrible.

    Compare that with DLO CBD prerolls, where they are made with premium, top shelf flowers, have the stems removed from the ground flower and then add organic CBD kief. This makes an extra potent infused pre roll for quality smoking. We are talking about a whole other level of terpene rich hemp joints.

    Add in the fact that we use premium, organic hemp rolling paper from France. We roll all of our pre rolls by hand - and now you're talking about true craft quality. These are high quality CBD pre rolled joints. Maybe with DLO, you actually get a bit more than you pay for.

    Our CBD prerolls cannot be compared to what is currently on the market. They are a unique product unto themselves. Try a Dreamland Organics infused pre roll pack for yourself and see the difference. It's pretty dramatic!

    Do You Use Shake Or Trim In Your CBD Pre Rolls?

    No, we do not use trim of shake in our CBD pre rolls. We only use our premium, organic CBD hemp flowers and also include CBD kief to increase potency and flavor. This makes our infused joint a unique product, different than just our hemp flower rolled up in a joint.

    How Do CBD Pre-Rolls Make You Feel?

    Our pre-rolls (and all of our hemp flowers) are full spectrum. This means that nothing has been removed or taken out – every cannabinoid has been left in. This naturally increases the benefits that you can get from CBD. But it also means that while smoking one of our pre-rolls, you might experience the entourage effect.

    This is the synergistic effect of all those cannabinoids working together to do more than they could do separately. In other words, with full spectrum products, the sum is greater than the parts.

    Since CBD pre rolls won’t get you high, you won’t feel intoxicated. But you do still feel the effects of CBD (unlike many other natural remedies, where you wonder if anything’s even happening.) It’s a more subtle reaction, the feeling of your body relaxing and your mind calming. Imagine the great feeling after a massage – it’s sort of like that!

    How Can I Get CBD Pre-Rolls?

    You can order ours right here and have them delivered in a discrete package right to your home. We also offer CBD hemp home delivery to select Brooklyn neighborhoods. (Click here for more info.) CBD pre roll sales and other cannabis products are delivered right to your door in NYC! Even better, you can order through text.

    We deliver 7 days a week, 12-8 p.m. A $10 service fee applies.

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    Are The Benefits Of CBD Pre Rolls Worth It?

    I feel like if we haven’t made our case for the benefits of pre-rolls yet we never will. So we’ll let some of our CBD pre roll reviews tell you just how good they are:

    I love these pre rolls. So smooth and tasty. No harshness whatsoever. Very potent and it really puts me in a great mood. You can tell it's of higher quality and I love the fact that it's organic!.
    I highly recommend them. From: Islanet

    Shared these with my parents and friends and everyone loves them! Such a good tasting smoke with immediate and super smooth effects. 10/10 recommend highly!

    From: Joe

    In Summary

    Pre-rolls are a great and convenient way to get all the benefits of CBD, without any hassle. Be sure to check out any cannabis products carefully, as the quality varies. Our pre-rolls are made from top shelf craft hemp with added kief, so you get the most for your money. Not only that, but our hemp flowers are raised organically - there's never any harsh chemicals, additives, or pesticides. We use full spectrum CBD so that you get the best effect. Here at Dreamland Organics, we believe in products that "put some respect on your lungs!"

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